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MasterBuilt Audio Cables

Audiophiles cherish Master-Built cables not only for their exceptional construction and audio enhancement capabilities but also for their prestigious manufacturing pedigree. Designed by leading aerospace engineers and exclusively manufactured in the United States using proprietary methods and materials, Masterbuilt Audio cables represent the pinnacle of signal transmission technology. This technology ensures the utmost signal purity and minimal distortion, allowing for an unparalleled listening experience. Over just six years, Masterbuilt Audio has garnered more than 30 BEST IN SHOW awards from respected publications like The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, and others. With four distinct cable lines — Performance, Reference, Signature, and Ultra — Masterbuilt offers options for a variety of budgets, each designed to deliver the highest level of performance in its class. Choice Audio is happy to help you with an audition of these fine cables.  Call or email us today to set up an audition.

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MasterBuilt Ultra Line Speaker Cables
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Speaker Cables Sale priceFrom $23,000.00
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Digital Cables USB, SPDIF or AES
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Interconnects RCA or XLR
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Power Cables
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Power Cables Sale priceFrom $17,000.00
MasterBuilt Reference Line Speaker Cables
MasterBuilt Reference Line Digital Cables USB, AES or SPDIF
MasterBuilt Reference Line Interconnects RCA or XLR
MasterBuilt Reference Line Power Cables
MasterBuilt Performance Line Speaker Cables
MasterBuilt Performance Line Digital Cables
MasterBuilt Performance Line Interconnects
MasterBuilt Performance Line Power Cable