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MasterBuilt Reference Line Digital Cables USB, AES or SPDIF

Sale price$3,195.00

The MasterBuilt Reference Line Digital Cables are meticulously designed to optimize impedance according to the specific digital signal type: SPDIF at approximately 75 ohms, USB at around 90 ohms, and AES/EBU at about 110 ohms. This attention to detail ensures that the digital signal remains robust and corrupt-free, allowing for the purest transmission possible. Utilizing high-grade conductors and materials, these cables boast low jitter and attenuation loss, preserving the integrity of the audio data throughout its journey from source to destination. Whether you're streaming high-resolution music or decoding intricate audio files, the MasterBuilt Reference Line Digital Cables deliver an unparalleled listening experience characterized by clarity, detail, and precision.

MasterBuilt Reference Line Digital Cables USB, AES or SPDIF
MasterBuilt Reference Line Digital Cables USB, AES or SPDIF Sale price$3,195.00


Even though the digital binary bit stream is robust, there are many ways low-quality cables can corrupt this signal.  Our digital cables are designed to have an optimized impedance as per the type of cables: SPDIF ~ 75ohm; USB ~ 90ohm; AES/EBU ~ 110ohm.  The benefit of our cable design, high-grade conductors, and materials translate to a digital cable with low jitter and attenuation loss.  These digital cables utilize the same proprietary methods and high-quality components as the rest of the Reference II Line to deliver the purest bit stream from your source.


  • Outer Jacket:  Polyester braided sleeve

  • Shielding:  Dual layer (Aluminum Foil and Tinned Copper braid)

  • Construction:  Twisted pair plus ground and voltage conductors

  • Conductor Insulation:  Low dielectric constant Polypropylene

  • Conductor Material:  U.S. laboratory grade 6N (99.9999%) high conductivity pure copper, concentric stranding

  • Number of Wires:  4 (this exceeds USB 2.0 specification)

  • Gauge:  20 AWG per conductor

  • Terminations:  High conductivity copper alloy with gold plating

  • Finishes:  Black (Standard), Grey (upon request)


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