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Antipodes Music Server-Streamers

Antipodes music servers and streamers are esteemed for their status as world-class audio solutions, defining excellence in the realm of high-fidelity sound. Crafted with meticulous precision and utilizing cutting-edge technology, Antipodes Audio products deliver an unparalleled listening experience characterized by unmatched clarity, depth, and fidelity. Renowned for their innovative design and uncompromising commitment to audio quality, Antipodes music servers and streamers consistently surpass industry standards, earning them a prominent place among the best in the audio industry. Whether you're an audiophile seeking the ultimate sonic experience or a casual listener looking for exceptional sound reproduction, Antipodes Audio remains the definitive choice for audio enthusiasts worldwide.

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This is a pic of the front of an Antipodes K21This is a picture of the back of an Antipodes K21
Antipodes K21 Sale price$7,000.00
This is the pic of the front of K22This is the pic of the back of K22
Antipodes K22 Sale price$9,000.00
This is the pic of the front of K41 WhiteThis is the pic of the back of K41
Antipodes K41 Sale price$10,000.00
Front of the Antipodes K50Back of antipode K50
Antipodes K50 Sale price$19,000.00
Image of a black Antipodes OladraImage of a Silver Antipodes Oladar
Antipodes Oladra Sale price$29,000.00