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Choice Audio proudly boasts one of most extensive and exceptional collection of DACs in the Midwest, making it the ultimate destination for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of digital audio reproduction. With an unwavering commitment to quality and an unerring focus on audio excellence, Choice Audio curates a selection of DACs that spans a wide spectrum of brands, technologies, and price points, ensuring that every discerning customer can find the perfect solution for their audio needs.

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the select dac
The Select DAC Sale price$115,000.00
the reference dac
The Reference DAC Sale price$54,500.00
msb premier dac
The Premier DAC Sale price$27,500.00
the discrete dacthe discrete dac
The Discrete DAC Sale price$12,500.00
emm labs da2 v2 reference dacemm labs da2 v2 reference dac
EMM Labs DA2 V2 Reference DAC Sale price$30,000.00
Sold outemm labs dv2 integrated dacemm labs dv2 integrated dac
EMM Labs DV2 Integrated DAC Sale price$30,000.00
emm labs dac2x v2 dacemm labs dac2x v2 dac
EMM Labs DAC2x V2 DAC Sale price$15,500.00
meitner ma3 integrated dacmeitner ma3 integrated dac
Meitner MA3 Integrated DAC Sale price$10,500.00
Mola Mola Tambaqui DACMola Mola Tambaqui DAC
Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC Sale price$13,500.00
aqua formula xhdaqua formula xhd
Aqua Formula xHD Sale price$17,500.00
aqua la scala dacaqua la scala dac
Aqua La Scala DAC Sale price$8,500.00
Aqua La VoceAqua La Voce
Aqua La Voce Sale price$4,650.00
merason dac1merason dac1
MERASON DAC1 mkII Sale price$8,500.00
MERASON frérotMERASON frérot
MERASON frérot Sale priceFrom $1,100.00
Sold outemm labs ma 1 dacemm labs ma 1 dac
EMM Labs Ma-1 V2 DAC Sale price$8,200.00
aurender a30aurender a30
Aurender A30 Sale price$19,000.00
merason reuss dac
Merason Reuss DAC Sale price$5,500.00