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Aurender A30

Sale price$19,000.00

Aurender A30: The Ultimate Blend of Performance and Convenience

Discover the A30, Aurender's flagship analog output network player, representing a perfect marriage of performance and convenience. Much more than a caching music server/streamer, the A30 comes equipped with a built-in DAC and analog outputs, setting it apart from its counterparts like A200, A15, and A20.

At the core of A30 lies Aurender's finest internal DAC architecture, featuring a dual-mono pair of AKM4497 DACs. This ensures unparalleled performance in channel separation, resolution, and control, delivering an exceptional audio experience.

Notably, the A30 incorporates full MQA Decoder technology, allowing you to enjoy full-resolution MQA audio files and streams. Immerse yourself in the highest possible sound quality, true to the original master recording.

Going beyond audio excellence, the A30 boasts features like CD ripping, an impressive 10TB of internal storage, an ultra-wide color LCD display, a dedicated high-quality headphone section, and an integrated software suite for metadata editing and library management.

Experience the A30 - setting a new performance standard among all-in-one digital source components. Elevate your audio journey with the perfect synergy of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features.

Aurender A30: Key Features

Aurender A30: Unveiling the Key Features

Designed for audiophiles desiring simplicity without sacrificing performance, the Aurender A30 features an integrated dual-mono AKM4497 DAC module. This ensures a high level of resolution, transparency, and the faithful reproduction of inner detail, supporting MQA full-decoding for optimal performance with MQA content and other major digital audio formats.

Experience the A30's fully-linear power supply architecture with extensive shielding, preventing noise interference in sensitive DACs. The system includes four discrete toroidal transformers, a "super capacitor" based UPS system for stability during power loss, and an FPGA-based precision clock generation system to minimize jitter to negligible levels.

Unlock versatility with the A30's variable XLR & RCA outputs, DAC-level lossless volume control, dedicated headphone section with three types of headphone outputs, 10TB HDD internal storage, automatic CD ripping capabilities, and the A30 Manager companion app for seamless library management and configuration.

aurender a30
Aurender A30: Digital Connectivity

Aurender A30: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Digital Connectivity

Discover the digital prowess of the Aurender A30, capable of upsampling non-DSD files up to 705.6/768kHz to the analog outputs. Choose to leave upsampling off (default setting) for an untouched bitstream, showcasing the A30's advanced digital capabilities and providing an enriched audio experience.

Experience the A30's commitment to audio excellence with features like upsampling DAC options, ensuring flexibility in tailoring your audio output. Uncover the potential of the A30's digital connectivity, setting a new standard for all-in-one units in the realm of high-quality audio reproduction.

Explore the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, as the A30 continues to redefine the boundaries of digital audio with its innovative and advanced digital connectivity options.