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The EMM Labs DA2 V2 DAC incorporates several advanced technologies and design features that contribute to its high-end performance:

Upgraded DAC and Analog Systems: The DA2 V2 includes significant hardware and firmware changes from its predecessor. All major hardware systems in the DA2 have been replaced, including EMM’s discrete 16xDSD DACs and a new analog output stage. These upgrades enhance the DA2's transparency, soundstage depth, and dynamics. Additionally, the new analog stage incorporates a high/low gain system, which is switchable in software, allowing users to choose an output level that fits their system better​​.

Proprietary DAC Technology: At the heart of the DA2 are the Meitner-designed and manufactured MDAC2 DACs, specifically created for this model. These are discrete, single-bit designs that run at an extremely high speed—16 times that of single-rate DSD (2.8224MHz), or DSD1024. This high sample rate is a first for consumer converters and contributes to the DA2's exceptional performance. Ed Meitner, the founder of EMM Labs, prefers single-bit to multibit DACs for their inherent linearity, as any value in a single-bit converter is made by adding or subtracting the same small value many times​​​​.

Advanced Digital Processing and Isolation: The DA2 uses EMM Labs' enhanced MFAST technology for instant signal acquisition and jitter-free performance, along with a proprietary asynchronous clocking system (MCLK2). The USB interface features custom hardware galvanic isolation to further isolate it from noisy source power systems. This isolation helps in maintaining the purity of the digital signal. Additionally, the DA2 includes MDAT2, a digital signal processor that performs real-time transient detection, processing, and up-conversion of all incoming audio, PCM and DSD, before sending it to the new 16xDSD DACs​​​​.

These features highlight EMM Labs DA2 V2's focus on providing a high-fidelity audio experience. The use of proprietary technology, especially in the DAC and digital processing, underscores its position in the high-end audio market. The emphasis on linearity and jitter reduction, along with the advanced digital-to-analog conversion process, ensures that the DA2 V2 delivers an exceptionally clear and accurate audio reproduction.

The DAC2x V2

Re-introducing the multi-award winning DAC2X V2 – updated using the technology in our reference DA2. The DAC2X V2 features the latest generation MDAT2™ up-converting DSP, MFAST™ jitter removal system, MCLK™ master clock and Ed Meitner’s revised hand built DSD512/8xDSD proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters.

The DAC2X V2 also features a multitude of inputs allowing a host of connectivity options and support for up to 24bit,192kHz and DSD (via DoP) on all PCM inputs including USB.

The DAC2X V2 also supports up to DSD128/2xDSD and DXD (352 and 384kHz) streaming over USB Audio.

Proprietary hardware galvanic isolation for the USB Audio interface.

MFAST™ vs. conventional PLLs

Most converters utilize PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuits. MFAST™ has two distinct advantages. It’s a high-speed asynchronous system that acquires any data stream almost instantaneously. Moreover, unlike PLLs which merely attenuate jitter, MFAST™ strips jitter out of the audio stream completely. Enabling you to enjoy pristine sonic clarity whether the incoming data stream is pure or anything but.

New Updated MDAT2™: DSD512/8xDSD Upsampling
The Updated Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT2™) upsamples digital audio to DSD512/8xDSD. Eight times that of standard SACD sampling rate.

Proprietary DSD512/8xDSD Discrete Dual Differential D-to-A Converters

We were not willing to accept the inherent non-linearities of every mass-market chip created to date. Neither should you.

Key Features-

• Latest generation MFAST™ technology for instant signal acquisition, jitter-free performance

•Latest generation DSD512/8xDSD Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT2™) signal processing technology

•Latest generation DSD512/8xDSD proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters

• Exclusive aerospace-grade composite laminate circuit boards

•EMM Optilink proprietary interface for connection to matching TSDX CD/SACD Transport

• Precision-machined aluminum chassis

•Precision-machined aluminum infrared remote control

•Polarity inversion performed in the digital domain

• 24bit,192kHz and DSD support on all PCM inputs including USB

• DSD, DSD128/2xDSD and DXD (352 and 384kHz) streaming over USB (DoP specification)

•Galvanically isolated USB audio interface

• USB port for future software upgrades

•Serial port for wired remote control

•New optimized reference power system

- Power factor corrected

- Factory set to 100V or 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz

- Power consumption: max. 25 W

• CE compliant