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MasterBuilt Reference Line Power Cables

Sale price$4,695.00

These power cords are meticulously designed to serve as the foundation of any high-fidelity audio setup. Recognizing the critical role of power cords as the first component in the system, MasterBuilt ensures that their Reference Line Power Cables are distortion-free and capable of conducting large amounts of current and voltage into components. By utilizing high-purity U.S. laboratory-grade copper and state-of-the-art insulation, these cables maintain signal integrity and prevent distortion, allowing the true musical waveform to shine through. With a focus on reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI), MasterBuilt Reference Line Power Cables significantly lower system noise levels, resulting in unparalleled dynamic range and resolution of fine detail.

Reference Line Power Cables from MasterBuilt offer an audio experience that surpasses expectations. With their large gauge wire and proprietary vibration-dampening technology, these cables effectively mitigate magnetic and RFI signals, ensuring pristine power delivery to audio components. The use of pure copper rhodium-plated conductors and ceramic particle damping further enhances performance by eliminating vibration resonance. Whether upgrading from a standard power cord or seeking to maximize the potential of high-end audio equipment, the Reference Line Power Cables promise to dramatically improve sound quality across the spectrum. Experience the next level of audio excellence with MasterBuilt Reference Line Power Cables, where every note is rendered with clarity and precision, regardless of the brand or model of your existing power cord.

MasterBuilt Reference Line Power Cables
MasterBuilt Reference Line Power Cables Sale price$4,695.00


Audiophiles should realize that the first component in the system is the power cord.  This “first component” must be distortion-free and able to conduct a very large amount of current and voltage into the component.  It is known that the musical signal consists of voltage and current sourced from the a.c. wall outlet, and the electrical components simply “modulate” that power into a musical waveform. Improperly designed power cords will add distortion or remove the quality of the signal.  For that reason, a high-quality and non-reactive cable should be used; once the signal has been corrupted, it is impossible to reverse this damage regardless of the quality of components that follow.

Although affordable, the Reference II Line power cords can elevate your system to a performance level you might not previously have thought possible.  This is due to the inherent ability of Reference II Line power cords to filter out EMI and RFI to an amazing degree.  This drastically lowers the noise level of your system while also ‘supercharging’ your components with enormous levels of dynamic range combined with ultra-high resolution of fine detail.  The Reference II power cord has a large gauge wire utilizing high-purity U.S. laboratory-grade copper with state-of-the-art insulation and greater complex winding geometry to significantly reduce both magnetic and RFI signals.  Lastly, this cable is terminated with pure copper Rhodium platted conductors with ceramic particle damping to eliminate vibration resonance.  For this reason, the Reference II Line power cord will dramatically improve your sound quality, no matter what brand and model of power cord you’re presently using.


  • Outer Jacket:  High Density Thermoplastic Elastomer with Polyester braided sleeve

  • Construction:  Low EMF Hexagonal

  • Conductor Insulation:  Fluoropolymer

  • Conductor Material:  U.S. laboratory grade 6N (99.9999%) high conductivity pure copper, concentric stranding

  • Conductors:  13 (6 Hot, 6 Neutral, 1 Ground), with proprietary vibration dampening

  • Gauge:  10 AWG per leg (Hot & Neutral), 12 AWG Ground

  • Cable Power Rating:  100 Amp max

  • Voltage Rating:  600V max

  • AC Power Connector:  α (Alpha) Pure Copper Rhodium plated conductor with Earth (ground) jumper system

  • IEC Connector:  α (Alpha) Pure Copper Rhodium plated conductor with Earth (ground) jumper system

  • Finishes:  Black (Standard), Grey (upon request)


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