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MasterBuilt Performance Line Speaker Cables

Sale price$2,195.00

MasterBuilt Performance Line Speaker Cables represent the pinnacle of audio transmission excellence. Recognizing the critical role of the entire signal path in system performance, these cables are engineered to ensure that no detail is lost in transmission. As the final leg of the signal path, speaker cables bear the responsibility of maintaining signal integrity without introducing any degradation. MasterBuilt achieves this feat through meticulous attention to detail, utilizing U.S. laboratory-grade pure copper wire and the highest quality insulation available. This combination, coupled with proprietary design technology, minimizes reactances such as capacitance, inductance, and resistance that can distort the original signal, ensuring a neutral and uncolored sound reproduction.

The MasterBuilt Performance Line Speaker Cables stand out for their exceptional construction and performance-enhancing features. Utilizing a balanced quad construction and low dielectric constant Polypropylene insulation, these cables deliver optimal signal transmission while minimizing interference. The use of 99.999% high conductivity pure copper conductors, with concentric stranding, further enhances conductivity and ensures that every nuance of the audio signal is faithfully reproduced. With a cable power rating of 40 Amps max and high conductivity copper alloy terminations plated with gold, these cables are designed to meet the demands of even the most high-end audio systems. Whether for single wiring or bi-wire setups, the MasterBuilt Performance Line Speaker Cables offer audiophiles a superior listening experience, making them the highest value speaker wires on the market.

MasterBuilt Performance Line Speaker Cables
MasterBuilt Performance Line Speaker Cables Sale price$2,195.00


The entire signal path is critical to the overall performance of your system.  It has the same impact as any other key component.  Simply stated, your system will only sound as good as its weakest link.  Speaker cables are the final leg of that signal path and any degradation in signal nullifies the quality of components both before and after it.

Reactances such as capacitance, inductance, and resistance will modify the signal being transferred from the amplifier to the speaker.  The crossover circuits inside your speakers use capacitors, inductor coils, and resistors to divide the frequencies.  The combination of resistance, capacitance, and inductance is a potential source of coloration which can be seen as a distortion of the original signal.

MasterBuilt Performance Line Speaker Cables sound neutral because they have the least reactance due to their U.S. laboratory-grade pure copper wire, the highest quality insulation available and proprietary design technology.  Put simply, this is the highest-value speaker wire on the market.


  • Outer Jacket:  High Density Thermoplastic Elastomer with Polyester braided sleeve

  • Construction:  Balanced Quad

  • Conductor Insulation:  Low dielectric constant Polypropylene

  • Conductor Material:  U.S. laboratory grade 99.999% high conductivity pure copper, concentric stranding

  • Conductors:  4 for single wiring; 8 for bi-wire

  • Gauge:  12 AWG per leg (Positive & Negative)

  • Cable Power Rating:  40 Amps max

  • Terminations:  High conductivity copper alloy with gold plating

  • Finishes:  Purple (standard), Black (upon request)

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