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MasterBuilt Ultra Line Digital Cables USB, SPDIF or AES

Sale price$12,000.00
After eight years of rigorous research and development, MasterBuilt Audio introduces the Ultra Line cables, utilizing exotic formulation and assembly techniques developed for mission-critical applications in aerospace engineering. Licensed exclusively for commercial audio use by MasterBuilt Audio, the Ultra Line design focuses on managing electron flow through conductors and insulating materials, while specialized winding techniques further enhance performance. The result is a listening experience characterized by previously unheard low-level details, authentic timbres, harmonic richness, and physical palpability reminiscent of live performances. However, to fully unlock the benefits of the Ultra Line, a system comprising top-tier components is essential. With its proprietary engineering and manufacturing processes, the MasterBuilt Ultra Line Digital Cables stand as an exclusive offering reserved for the world's most discerning audiophiles and the finest audio systems.
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Digital Cables USB, SPDIF or AES
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Digital Cables USB, SPDIF or AES Sale price$12,000.00


In the world’s finest systems, even the smallest amount of signal degradation will result in inferior performance and the digital signal from your source is highly critical.  Our digital cables are design to have an optimized impedance as per the type of cables: SPDIF ~ 75ohm; USB ~ 90ohm; AES/EBU ~ 110ohm.
Furthermore, the connector and cable design are optimized to achieve the least amount of losses (ie. insertion loss and return loss) for the digital signal transfer between the transport/server and DAC. These interconnect incorporate Ultra Line technology including our proprietary alloy made with precious metals to deliver the purest signal. The benefit of our cable design, high grade conductors, and materials translate to a digital cable with low jitter and attenuation loss. 


  • Outer Jacket:  Polyester braided sleeve

  • Shielding:  Dual layer (Aluminum Foil and Tinned Copper braid)

  • Construction:  Twisted pair plus ground and voltage conductors

  • Conductor Insulation:  Fluoropolymer

  • Conductor Material:  U.S. laboratory grade precious metal alloys, proprietary formulation

  • Conductors:  4 (this exceeds USB 2.0 specification)

  • Gauge:  20 AWG per conductor

  • Terminations:  High conductivity copper alloy with gold plating

  • Finishes:  White (standard), Black (upon request)

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