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MasterBuilt Performance Line Power Cable

Sale price$1,895.00

The MasterBuilt Power Cords from the Performance series are meticulously engineered to serve as the foundation of your setup, ensuring distortion-free power delivery and maximum performance. As the first component in the system, these power cords are designed to conduct a significant amount of current and voltage into your components, preserving the integrity of the musical signal sourced from the AC wall outlet. By utilizing high-purity U.S. laboratory-grade copper and advanced insulation technologies, the Performance Line power cords eliminate distortion and elevate your system to unprecedented levels of clarity and detail.

Affordable yet uncompromising in performance, the MasterBuilt Performance Line power cords offer audiophiles a gateway to experiencing the full potential of their high-quality audio components. With state-of-the-art design and materials, including low EMF hexagonal construction and proprietary vibration dampening, these power cords ensure that every aspect of the audio signal is faithfully reproduced. The utilization of high-density thermoplastic elastomer with polyester braided sleeves and fluoropolymer conductor insulation further enhances the durability and reliability of the cords.

MasterBuilt Performance Line Power Cable
MasterBuilt Performance Line Power Cable Sale price$1,895.00


Audiophiles should realize that the first component in the system is the power cord.  This “first component” must be distortion-free and able to conduct a very large amount of current and voltage into the component.  It is known that the musical signal consists of voltage and current sourced from the a.c. wall outlet, and the electrical components simply “modulate” that power into a musical waveform. Inexpensive or improperly designed power cords will add distortion or remove the quality of the signal.  For that reason, a high-quality and non-reactive power cord should be used; once the signal has been corrupted, it is impossible to reverse this damage regardless of the quality of components that follow.

Although highly affordable, the Performance Line power cord can elevate your system to a performance level you might not think was possible.  These MasterBuilt power cords will finally let you hear what your high-quality components can do with your favorite music since the design and materials of Performance Line are state-of-the-art at this price point utilizing high purity U.S. Laboratory grade copper with the most advanced insulation and winding geometries available.


  • Outer Jacket:  High Density Thermoplastic Elastomer with Polyester braided sleeve

  • Construction:  Low EMF Hexagonal

  • Conductor Insulation:  Fluoropolymer

  • Conductor Material:  U.S. laboratory grade 99.999% high conductivity pure copper, concentric stranding

  • Conductors:  6 with proprietary vibration dampening

  • Gauge:  14 AWG per leg (Ground, Hot and Neutral)

  • Cable Power Rating:  30 Amp max

  • AC Power Connector:  High conductivity copper alloy (Phosphor Bronze), unplated

  • IEC Connector:  High conductivity copper alloy (Phosphor Bronze), Silver plated

  • Finishes:  Purple (standard), Black (upon request)

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