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MasterBuilt Ultra Line Speaker Cables

Sale price$23,000.00
MasterBuilt's Ultra Line Speaker Cables represent the culmination of eight years of intensive research and development. Drawing on exotic formulation and assembly techniques pioneered for information transmission systems, these cables deliver unparalleled sonic clarity and detail. From the subtle nuances of low-level details to the dynamic peaks of music passages, the Ultra Line reveals every aspect of the audio with astonishing realism. Each instrument and voice occupies a distinct space, enveloped in the authentic ambience of the recording venue. Reserved for the most discerning audiophiles and the world's finest audio systems, the Ultra Line is a testament to MasterBuilt's commitment to uncompromising audio quality and innovation.
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Speaker Cables
MasterBuilt Ultra Line Speaker Cables Sale price$23,000.00


MasterBuilt Ultra Line are the apex of audio cables.  Although extremely costly to produce, the performance is well worth the price to music lovers who own the world’s finest audio systems.  Your speaker cable is the final leg in the signal path of your system and can drastically affect the performance of components both in front and behind it,  regardless of quality.  Ultra Line Speaker Cables are the finishing touch in your quest to reproduce a simulation of live music in your home.

MasterBuilt utilizes a proprietary alloy made from precious metals developed by the U.S. aerospace industry to approach as close to a zero resistance state as possible.  The resistance of the Ultra Alloy is so low that a minute voltage pulse would travel through the cable without audible loss.  This trait is critical for use in speaker cables by providing purity of sound, image focus, and an incredible dynamic range.

If you own a world-class audio system and haven’t auditioned the Ultra Line of audio cables, you owe it to yourself to hear how these award winning cables will drastically improve your system.


  • Outer Jacket:  High Density Thermoplastic Elastomer with Polyester braided sleeve

  • Construction:  Low EMF Hexagonal

  • Conductor Insulation:  Fluoropolymer

  • Conductor Material:  U.S. laboratory grade precious metal alloys, proprietary formulation

  • Conductors:  16 wires for single wiring & 32 wires for bi-wire; each group is suspended in an isolated housing

  • Gauge:  10 AWG per leg (Positive & Negative)

  • Cable Power Rating:  100 Amps max

  • Terminations:  German high performance copper alloy connectors

  • Finishes:  White (standard), Black (upon request)

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