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Choice Audio, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for Shunyata Research Power Products, cables and interconnects.  Based outside of Seattle, Shunyata designs, invents and manufactures high performance electrical and cabling systems for recording and film studios and consumer audio-visual systems.  What's even more impressive is that their products are used in medical and surgical rooms across the country.

Founder, CEO, and Chief Designer Caelin Gabriel was originally a researcher for the United States Military with a focus on designing ultra-sensitive data acquisition systems. These acquisition systems were designed to detect low-level signals that tended to be hidden behind noise; this led to research into the cause and effects of signal/power line interference. While deployed in Germany Mr.Gabriel would discover a love for HI-Fi, taking that passion and turning into his life's work.

"Gabriel holds more than 10 patents, with numerous additional patents-pending. These technical innovations have earned Shunyata Research product designs countless critical awards and endorsements from renowned recording studios, mastering engineers, heart surgeons and hospitals from all over the world. Caelin is a dedicated student of philosophy, transcendental meditation and the history of divergent thinkers. This unusual combination of intellectual discipline and unfettered curiosity offers the advantage of unorthodox insight and singular expertise. Shunyata Research is forged from this combination of Gabriel's training."

Please feel free to browse our collection, we are happy to help you with any questions that you may have or help you with making an order selection.