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MSB Select Digital Director

Sale price$27,500.00

"The Digital Director enhances essential DAC functions, externally manages digital audio sources, provides unmatched noise isolation and digital filtering. Using our proprietary ProISL laser fiber optic connection, the Digital Director eliminates noise coupling into the DAC from any digital source. Increased processing power ensures our digital filtering algorithms achieve a new level of realistic and accurate analog reproduction. The Digital Director levels up the performance of all digital audio."

--MSB Audio

MSB Digital Director - Elevate Your Audio Experience

MSB Digital Director: Elevating DAC Performance

Experience revolutionary audio enhancement with MSB's Digital Director, designed to seamlessly support and augment all current DACs while facilitating two-way communication for streamlined input selection and system settings on a single display and control.

The Digital Director transforms DACs into dedicated conversion engines by managing and isolating incoming noise, aided by the proprietary ProISL laser fiber optic connection that eliminates noise coupling into the DAC, lifting digital audio sources to new heights.

Featuring two high-performance DSPs and dedicated FPGAs, the Digital Director offers over 4x the processing power of standard DACs, extending the life of both new and existing DACs well into the future.

MSB Digital Director - Superior Design and Finishes

MSB Digital Director: Bespoke Design

Advanced digital filters, born from decades of research and development, ensure superior authentic signal reconstruction, providing a more expansive soundstage and beautiful textures in complex performances.

The Reference and Select Digital Directors boast an upgraded low-noise linear power supply, enhancing performance. The chassis, machined from 'Kaiser Select Precision Plate' in-house, undergoes meticulous CNC machining, resulting in an elegant yet commanding product available in matte silver or matte black anodize finishes.

The integration of MSB's CNC shop allows for design optimization, creating the best possible product. Premium 'Select' metal ensures the highest quality anodized finishes on the market. The product includes in-house designed viton feet, with the option to install any audiophile M6X1 foot for personalized system customization.