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WATT - Ultra Integrated Amplifier

Sale price$18,800.00

The Audionet Watt integrated amplifier very easily could claim the title of the best in its class under $20,000, setting the gold standard for audio excellence. With uncompromising engineering and a dedication to achieving sonic perfection, the Audionet Watt delivers an unparalleled listening experience. Its robust construction and premium components ensure the utmost accuracy and clarity in audio reproduction, allowing music to be heard as the artist intended. Whether it's the delicate notes of a classical symphony or the powerful chords of a rock ballad, the Audionet Watt handles every genre with precision and finesse, captivating audiophiles worldwide.

What truly sets the Audionet Watt apart is its exceptional versatility and adaptability. Seamlessly integrating into various audio setups, it effortlessly drives a wide range of speakers and consistently maintains its sonic integrity. The intuitive user interface and ergonomic design make it user-friendly, ensuring that audiophiles can fully immerse themselves in their music without technical distractions.


Front panel color:

Front panel color

Display color:

Display color


The Machine:

Even more subtle. Even more trans­parent. With an even bigger soundstage and a force beyond equal. WATT marks a quantum leap beyond, offering an unparalleled level of audio excellence. For those seeking the pinnacle of a singular audio device, WATT stands as the ultimate choice. Make your sound experience extraordinary, starting today.

The Science:

Special Highlights WATT

• Massive aluminium body and resonance-optimized fixation with invisible screws.

• Magneti­cally and capactively optimized circuit and device design, shortest signal paths.

• Double-mono design for maximum channel separation.

• Electronic volume control with high audio grade components.

• Non-disen­gageable DC servo, no sound degrading capa­citors or coils in the signal path.

• ULA technology (Ultra Linear Amplifier).

• Separated power supply for control and analog sections.

• Two separated power supplies for driver stage and power stage of amplifiers.

• One encapsulated 50 VA toroid transformer with separated windings for input and driver stage.

• Two encapsulated 700 VA toroid transformers for the power stage.

• Total capacitance more than 200.000 µF.

• Consequent double-mono design of phono module for MM and MC pickups, setup by user menu.

• Internal wiring with gold-doped pure silver cables.

• Rhodium speaker terminals by Furutech.

• Rhodium fuse.

• By-pass mode for integration into home cinema systems.

• Microprocessor with separate power supply – controls and monitors all functions and informs the user via dimmable display.

• 2 Audionet Link outputs to control further Audionet devices remotely.

• Switchable headphones output driven by power stage.

• Dedicated WATT/PLANCK Audionet metal remote control in matching color.



Analog integrated stereo amplifier.

Special Features

• Double mono setup of input, volume control and power amplifier section as well as power supply.

• Separate power supply for digital and analog sections.

• Non-disen­gageable DC servo, no capacitors in the signal path.

• By-Pass function (e.g. for integration into home cinema systems).

• Audionet Link output for remote control of other Audionet components.

• Switchable headphones output.

• Dedicated WATT/PLANCK Audionet metal remote control in matching color (included).

Ins - and Outputs


• 3 pairs RCA line, gold plated, Teflon insulted
•1 pair XLR balanced, gold plated (Neutrik)


• 2 pair Furutech 4 mm-jacks, Rhodium
• 1 pair RCA, gold-plated, Teflon insulated (Pre Out)
• 2 Audionet Link, optical (Toslink)
• 1 headphones socket (6.3 mm, stereo)

Technical Data

Output power:
• 2 x 167W into 8Ω
• 2 x 284W into 4Ω
• 2 x 443W into 2Ω

Frequency response:
• 0.3 – 650,000Hz (-3dB)

Damping factor:
• typ. 1,000 at 100Hz

Harmonic distortion:
• k2 typ. -101dB,
• k3 typ. -107dB,
• @1kHz, 25W/ 4Ω

THD + N:
• < -98dB @1kHz, 100W/ 4Ω

• > 106dB (A-weighted)

Channel separation:
• >103dB @ 1kHz

Filtering capacitance:
• 200,000µF

Input impedance:
• Line input 50kΩ
XLR input 7kΩ

Power consumption:
• < 1W Stand by, typ. 900W

• 220..240V or 110..120V, 50..60Hz

• Width 430mm
• Height 130mm
• Depth 450mm

• 25kg

Color Choices:


• C-32 (light bronze) with white display


• Silver with blue display
• Silver with red display
• Black with blue display
• Black with red display



• Brushed aluminium, 12 mm, anodized, text and icons engraved


• Brushed aluminium, 6 mm, anodized


• Brushed aluminium, 12 mm, anodized


• Brushed aluminium, anodized, text printed

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