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Von Schweikert VR-55 MKII

Sale price$75,000.00
Introducing the VR-55 MkII, showcasing cutting-edge ceramic honeycomb woofers and midrange drivers paired with a meticulously engineered Beryllium dome tweeter for exceptional audio quality. With distortion measuring below 0.5% at standard listening volumes, these advanced drivers, housed in patented Triple Wall Laminate noise reduction cabinet, faithfully reproduce a rich sonic tapestry, providing the clarity and musicality you've long sought. Experience over four decades of exclusive sound engineering expertise in the VR-55 MkII!
von schweikert vr 55 mkii
Von Schweikert VR-55 MKII Sale price$75,000.00

For those aiming to optimize the linear response in their space, achieving the fastest, tightest, and deepest bass imaginable, we present the VR-55 MkII Aktive version, featuring our exclusive Foundation Amplifiers.

Unlike traditional passive speakers, where room dynamics dictate speaker placement and impact bass quality, the VR-55 MkII Aktive empowers users. Each channel integrates a 700-watt built-in Foundation Amplifier, positioned between the woofer binding posts and the passive crossover network for the dual bass drivers. This unique setup allows owners to freely choose speaker placement and fine-tune bass drivers using an analog attenuator for unparalleled linear response, irrespective of room characteristics.

This innovative bi-amp technique ensures exceptional bass depth in any room, allowing precise matching of bass levels with upper frequency ranges. Finally, a speaker solution tailored to every room!

CABINET DESIGN: Von Schweikert's cabinet innovation, the Triple-Wall Constrained Layer Damping 2.0 construction, boasts a 75mm thickness of high-density resin/wood powder, artificial stone, and hard rubber. This exclusive design minimizes cabinet "resonance" and coloration by employing layers that resonate at different Q frequencies, actively reducing sound transmission. Superior to solid aluminum, our cabinet design is not only elegant but also allocates more build costs to the components producing music rather than an excessive cabinet investment.

WOOFER DESIGN: The VR-55 MkII features two -8” (220mm) cast frame drivers with honeycomb ceramic cones, offering an exceptionally high Young’s Modulus. The high flux density motor, designed through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), achieves minimal distortion (0.5%) and is proudly crafted in Germany for VSA.

MIDRANGE DESIGN: 6.5” (165mm) cast frame driver with a honeycomb ceramic cone and Kevlar backing ensures greater damping in the critical midrange frequency. The FEA-designed motor achieves low distortion (0.4%) and a flat frequency response. Hand-manufactured in Germany to VSA specification, each driver is serial numbered for quality assurance.

FRONT TWEETER DESIGN: The advanced metal dome tweeter utilizes a Beryllium substrate with a ceramic damping layer to eliminate harsh sound quality. Driven by an FEA-designed Neodymium ring magnetic system, this tweeter has the lowest measured distortion among dome tweeters on the market.

REAR AMBIENCE RETRIEVAL DRIVER: Matching the superb front tweeter, the VR-55 MkII incorporates a 75mm ribbon tweeter driven by a Neodymium magnet system. This ensures the lowest distortion and widest frequency range measured from a 75mm ribbon.

AMBIENCE RETRIEVAL SYSTEM: Our all-new ambience retrieval circuit, equipped with an analog Level control, reproduces the spatiality of each recording. It is designed to match the rear dipolar dispersion pattern and intensity to the rear wall, whether it is a hard reflective surface or a softer, absorptive surface such as a curtain.

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