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Von Schweikert ULTRA 55

Sale price$120,000.00

Von Schweikert Audio introduces the ULTRA 55, the third loudspeaker in this flagship reference series. Its technology and performance are essentially identical to the critically acclaimed and award-winning ULTRA 9 and ULTRA 11, but in a form factor that is far more adaptable to a greater number of sound rooms given its footprint and overall height.

von schweikert ultra 55
Von Schweikert ULTRA 55 Sale price$120,000.00
Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 55 Loudspeaker

Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 55 Loudspeaker

Experience unparalleled realism with Von Schweikert Audio's ULTRA 55 loudspeaker, designed to bring the live event directly to your home. With over 40 years of research and development, this revolutionary model sets a new world standard with extremely low distortion, class-defining clarity, and a lush harmonic structure. The MasterBuilt Ultra Internal Wiring, featuring individually shielded and damped signal paths, crafted from rare alloys by aerospace industry leaders, ensures the most transparent audio experience.

The ULTRA-55 boasts exotic ceramic woofer and midrange drivers, Beryllium tweeters, and ambient ribbon tweeters for a unique sonic signature. Hand-built networks with isolated architecture protect against electrical noise, while the Version 2.0 Aktive Cabinet Vibration Control eliminates cabinet noise using innovative materials and layering techniques. With time alignment, phase consistency, and an adjustable bi-polar sound radiation pattern, this speaker delivers room-filling sound.

Choose between the standard passive reference loudspeaker or the ULTRA-55 Aktive version, featuring proprietary Foundation Amplifiers for optimal linear response and bass control. The bi-amp technique allows customization of speaker placement and bass driver adjustments, ensuring superb bass depth in any room. Additionally, the rear-firing ribbon tweeter and Ambience Retrieval System create a expansive sound "bubble" for a concert hall experience. Von Schweikert Audio provides a speaker solution for every room, whether in the traditional passive configuration or the Aktive version, offering flexibility and uncompromising audio quality.

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