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Von Schweikert Endeavor RE

Sale price$22,000.00
Building on the highly successful lineage of the world-class Endeavor loudspeakers, Von Schweikert Audio presents their newest offering; the Endeavor Reference Edition. This model incorporates the highly refined full-range performance one expects from a VSA loudspeaker including the critically acclaimed Beryllium tweeter which is used throughout the VR and ULTRA line of flagship loudspeakers.
von schweikert endeavor re
Von Schweikert Endeavor RE Sale price$22,000.00

The Endeavor RE speaker boasts advanced design elements, including the proprietary Global Axis Integrated Network and Rear-Ambient Retrieval System. With Bi-Wire inputs, isolated networks, and high-quality crossover components, it ensures top-class measurements and sonic purity.

Featuring an American Walnut finish, the Endeavor RE is identical to the Special Edition, differing only in finish, making it a more cost-effective choice. It incorporates premium speaker components like anodized aluminum woofer cones, Kevlar midrange, and a Beryllium dome tweeter for unparalleled sonic transparency.

The speaker's design includes non-parallel walls, an advanced cabinet with Aktive 2.0 construction, and Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters for phase coherence. The woofers, midrange, and treble units utilize cutting-edge technology, such as double-stacked magnets, Faraday ring-type motor/voice coil, and a Beryllium substrate tweeter for low distortion.

The voicing of the Endeavor Special Edition emphasizes accuracy, resembling a musical instrument rather than a sterile reproduction. The cabinet design utilizes Triple Wall construction to eliminate resonance and coloration, allowing more budget allocation for music-producing components. Overall, the Endeavor RE is a high-performance, cost-effective speaker with top-class design and sound quality.

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