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Von Schweikert Audio Endeavor SE

Sale price$27,000.00
"Building on the highly successful lineage of the world-class Endeavor loudspeakers, Von Schweikert Audio is please to present our newest offering; the Endeavor Special Edition. This model incorporates the highly refined full-range performance of its bigger brother, the E-5 including our critically acclaimed Beryllium tweeter which is used throughout the VR and ULTRA line of flagship loudspeakers"
--Von Schweikert Audio

Introducing the Endeavor SE, a speaker system that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge design elements, including Von Schweikert's exclusive Rear-Ambient Retrieval System, Bi-Wire inputs featuring isolated networks, and premium crossover components.

The Special Edition model boasts a high-gloss multi-layer paint finish as the standard option, while customers have the flexibility to select a custom color that aligns with their individual preferences. Additionally, a matching painted plinth is available to elevate the aesthetic to the pinnacle of fit and finish.

The Von Schweikert Audio Endeavor SE (Special Edition) speakers are a remarkable testament to the brand's long-standing commitment to audiophile excellence. Rooted in the legacy of its founder Albert Von Schweikert, the company has consistently focused on science-driven principles and psychoacoustic research to create speakers that authentically reproduce live musical performances. This dedication to capturing the essence of live music has led to the development of several patented technologies, including the Global Axis Integration Network (G.A.I.N.) and Acoustic Inverse Replication (A.I.R.), or "Inverse Microphone" concepts, enhancing the realism of the sound produced by their speakers​​.

The Endeavor SE stands out with several key enhancements that set it apart from its predecessor, the E-3 MkII. It inherits a superior beryllium tweeter and a rear-firing ribbon super-tweeter (referred to as the "rear ambience retrieval driver") from the brand's flagship ULTRA series. This combination results in a wide frequency range, low distortion, and a rapid transient response. The ULTRA series crossover topology, which incorporates high-end components like German-made Mundorf capacitors and U.S.-made Goertz copper foil inductors, further contributes to the speaker's exceptional performance. Additionally, the Endeavor SE features an isolated architecture for its crossover components, minimizing noise contamination and enhancing sound clarity​​.

The three-way full-range speaker system includes four fully-insulated drivers in each cabinet: two 175mm anodized aluminum coned woofers, a 165mm Kevlar-coned high-performance midrange driver, and a modified ScanSpeak 1" metal diaphragm tweeter. This setup, along with the rear ambient retrieval driver, ensures low distortion, linear response, and remarkable sound life-likeness. The speakers' ability to blend the outputs of various materials into a coherent wavefront is largely attributed to the high-quality, well-designed crossover network​​.

Moreover, the Endeavor SE’s enclosure is as thoughtfully designed as its internal components. With non-parallel side panels and a modified aperiodic vent design, the enclosure facilitates rapid motion of the woofers and midrange for enhanced sound delivery. The proprietary "Aktive 2.0" construction, featuring a "Triple Wall" panel, effectively eliminates resonance and coloration. The cabinet’s aesthetic appeal is equally noteworthy, offering a sleek and room-friendly design with a customizable high-gloss finish, making it not only a sonic marvel but also a visually stunning addition to any space​​.

In summary, the Von Schweikert Audio Endeavor SE speakers are a culmination of decades of psychoacoustic research and innovative engineering, resulting in a product that not only recreates a live music performance in stunning detail but also fits beautifully into a variety of living spaces. Their combination of advanced driver technology, sophisticated crossover networks, and meticulously designed enclosures positions them as a prime choice for audiophiles seeking both exceptional performance and aesthetic elegance.

What sets the Endeavor SE apart is its incorporation of the advanced speaker components found in Von Schweikert's premium priced systems. With anodized aluminum woofer cones, a Kevlar midrange, and a damped Beryllium dome tweeter, this system ensures the utmost sonic transparency.

The inclusion of a rear ambience retrieval driver, featuring a 75mm ribbon tweeter driven by a Neodymium magnet system, complements the front tweeter for an unparalleled transient response and tone quality. Achieving top-class measurements with minimal distortion/coloration in its price range, the Endeavor SE further distinguishes itself through non-parallel walls and an advanced cabinet design, guaranteeing sonic purity.