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Shunyata Research Gamma Ethernet Cables

Sale price$350.00

Research Gamma Ethernet Cables guarantee a seamless and immersive listening experience, allowing audiophiles to fully indulge in the nuances of their favorite music.

Engineered to perfection, the Shunyata Research Gamma Ethernet Cables redefine the standards of digital audio connectivity. With a focus on precision and accuracy, these cables maintain the integrity of the digital signal throughout its transmission. By significantly reducing noise interference and distortion, they ensure that the audio signal remains pure and unadulterated, delivering a listening experience that is second to none. Whether streaming high-resolution music or engaging in online gaming, audiophiles can trust the Shunyata Research Gamma Ethernet Cables to provide an unrivaled level of performance and clarity. With these cables, the digital audio experience reaches new heights, allowing audiophiles to immerse themselves fully in the music and enjoy every moment with unmatched precision and detail.





Occasionally, products come along that represent a paradigm shift within a given category. Using 25 years worth of Shunyata Research's documented science, experience and innovation, Gamma Series cables are poised to upend price and performance axioms within the cable industry. Shunyata Research has made critical advancements in conductor science and applied them to Gamma Series cables, elevating performance far beyond expectation. Perhaps more than any other product in Shunyata Research's history, Gamma Series cables demand to be heard even when compared to cables two to three times the cost.


Gamma signal and digital cables are made with the finest conductors available. Single-crystal, continuous cast Ohno copper is an ultra-pure conductor normally found in far more expensive cables. Ohno conductors are extruded using Shunyata Research's exclusive PMZ (Precision Matched Impedance) process. This extrusion method tightens the tolerances of the conductor surfaces, dielectric extrusions, and the precision of the braided shield. All are held to minute tolerances. The extrusion and braiding machines must be run at one-quarter speed during the manufacturing process. Finally, all Gamma cables are conditioned for 4 days using advanced Kinetic Phase Inversion Process (KPIP v2™).


If choosing a single word to encapsulate the sound of a Gamma Series cable system, it would be coherence. Every aspect of Gamma cable system performance simply flows with the ease and clarity of a single voice. Textural and tonal nuance is balanced perfectly against Gamma's explosive, dynamic nature. Gamma cable systems never sound forward, bright, aggressive or edgy. However, what truly separates Gamma cables from all others, regardless of cost, is their self-effacing alacrity, timing accuracy, dynamic punch and frequency extension. Most pure-copper cables, even expensive models, may sound warm, rich, and full bodied at the expense of accurate timing, dynamics and frequency extension. Gamma cables sound very natural, but are surprisingly agile, athletic and entirely unforced with regard to expressing frequency extension, timing, weight and authority in the low octaves. Gamma cables do all of this without calling attention to themselves, allowing the purity of the sound to take center stage.



Shunyata Research’s proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process includes four days of continuous KPIP v2™ processing which refines conductor metals at a molecular level. This dramatically reduces burn-in time and significantly improves sonic performance, delivering a relaxed and life-like presentation. When compared to the original process, KPIP v2™ represents a dramatic performance upgrade on par with a component-level upgrade.


Cable Type: SR-6a (proprietary)

Shield: 100% Coverage Shield

Dielectric: PTFE

Impedance: 100 ohms +-15

Connectors: SR1-RJ45, metal construction

Gauge: 22

KPIP v2 Processing: 4-days

Standard Length: 1.50 meters

Color: Charcoal flex

Safety Assurance:
Continuity and polarity tests – by two technicians
HiPOT tests insulation breakdown @ 1,200 VAC