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PRE I G3 - Stereo Pre Amplifier

Sale price$8,100.00

Experience the pinnacle of sonic purity and control with the Audionet PRE I G3 stereo preamplifier. This meticulously crafted masterpiece elevates your listening experience to a whole new level, unlocking the true potential of your audio system.

Unparalleled Transparency and Detail:

    • Spacious yet subtle sound: Immerse yourself in a soundscape that feels both expansive and intimately detailed. Hear every nuance, every breath, every brushstroke of the musician's artistry with breathtaking clarity.
    • Effortless power and finesse: Whether you're enjoying delicate chamber music or the full blast of a symphony orchestra, the PRE I G3 delivers unfaltering power without sacrificing the slightest bit of detail.
    • Transparent signal path: Experience your music in its purest form, thanks to the PRE I G3's meticulously designed circuitry and premium components. Every note arrives untouched, untouched by coloration or distortion.

Unmatched Flexibility and Control:

    • Six source inputs: Connect all your favorite audio sources – turntable, CD player, streamer, and more – with ease.
    • Dual subwoofer outputs: Optimize your bass response with dedicated outputs for left and right subwoofers.
    • Headphone paradise: Indulge in a truly immersive listening experience with the high-performance headphone output.
    • Home cinema integration: Seamlessly integrate the PRE I G3 into your home cinema setup for a truly unified soundscape.

Crafted for Discerning Ears:

    • German engineering: Experience the legendary precision and quality of German craftsmanship.
    • Opulent design: The PRE I G3's elegant yet understated design complements any listening space.
    • Intuitive control: Navigate the intuitive interface with ease, putting you in total control of your listening experience.

Unleash the full potential of your music collection with the Audionet PRE I G3 stereo preamplifier. It's not just a piece of equipment, it's an investment in sonic perfection.

Front Panel Color:

Front Panel Color

Display Color:

Display Color


A Wide Grin at the Touch of a Button

Inputs & Outputs:

Six inputs, two customizable outputs, and two subwoofer outputs allow versatile connectivity. The unit also features a headphone output, level offset for inputs, and monitor switching for accessories.

Integration Flexibility:

Includes a bypass mode for seamless integration into home cinema systems. Also equipped with automatic mains phase recognition and trigger output for added convenience.

Advanced Circuitry:

Utilizes sophisticated circuitry ensuring minimal distortion and noise across the frequency spectrum. Shortest signal paths and optimized construction contribute to excellent high-frequency characteristics.

Precision Control:

Volume and balance adjustments are achieved via a real-time, electronically switched precision resistance network, ensuring consistent dynamic and distortion-free operation.

High-Quality Components:

Incorporates premium components like discrete voltage regulators, high-grade electrolyte capacitors, and high-current film capacitors with minimal loss angle. Gold-plated silver internal cabling enhances performance.

Control and Display:

Managed by a high-performance microcontroller with a dedicated power supply, offering user-friendly access to a range of functions. Operating states and settings are displayed on a large screen for easy monitoring.



Microprocessor controlled preamplifier.

Special Highlights

• Input buffer with a virtual infinite input impedance
• Electronically switched, real-time linearized high precision resistor network for volume and balance
• Volume adjustment for each channel
• Discrete realized output drivers
• Signal path and controller optically separated
• Completely DC-coupled, with no capacitors in the signal path
• Optional AC-coupled via active DC-servo
• Home cinema mode for home cinema integration
• Two subwoofer outputs
• Dynamic volume control
• Headphones output electronically switchable
• Monitor loop
• Trigger output
• Mains phase recognition
• Audionet Metal Remote Control RC 1

In- and Outputs

Analog audio inputs:

• 5 pair RCA line, gold plated, Teflon insulated
• 1 pair XLR symmetric, gold plated
• 1 pair RCA Monitor in, gold plated, Teflon insulated

Analogue audio outputs:

• 1 pair RCA line, gold plated, Teflon insulated
• 1 pair XLR, gold plated
• 2 RCA Subwoofer, gold plated, Teflon insulated
• 1 pair RCA Record out, gold plated, Teflon insulated
• 1 pair RCA Monitor out, gold plated, Teflon insulated

Additional in- and outputs:

• 2 optical Audionet Link out (TosLink) for remote operation, Link 2 electronically switchable
•3.5 mm socket trigger output with 12V switching voltage (optional 5V)
• 5-pole precision socket for optional power supply EPS
• 6.3 mm socket headphones, electronically switchable
screw for additional grounding, gold plated


Technical Data

Bandwidth:0 – 3,000,000 Hz (-3 dB), DC-coupled
THD + N:-110 dB @ 20 Hz to 20 kHz @ Vin=4.5 Vrms
SNR:120 dB @ 1kHz @ Vin, max
Slew rate:10 V/µsec
Channel separation:channels: 100 dB @ 20 kHz
inputs: 108 dB @ 20 kHz
Input voltage:max. 5 Vrms
Input impedanceline 82 kOhm real
XLR 15 kOhm real
Output voltage:line max. 8 Vrms
XLR max.16 Vrms
headphones max. 8 Vrms (max. gain 6 dB)
Output impedance:line, XLR 22 Ohm real
headphones 47 Ohm real
Mains220…240 Volt / 50…60 Hz or
110…120 Volt / 50…60 Hz
Power consumption:< 1 W stand by, max. 50 W
Dimensions:width 430 mm
height 700 mm
depth 310 mm
Weight:6 kg

Reviews & References


Audio Art Taiwan

 PRE I G3 received
the Audio Art
“Best Value of the Year 2009”