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Perlisten Audio S7t In Stock

Sale price$9,995.00

The flagship loudpeaker from Wisconsin company Perlisten Audio, the S7t focuses on cleanliness, speed, and dynamics. The four-way design will ensure every detail comes through, and every frequency is in its place.


Price of $9,995 is for a single (1) speaker, for a total of $19,990 per pair.


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perlisten audio s7t
Perlisten Audio S7t In Stock Sale price$9,995.00

MODEL S7 TOWER: Perlisten’s most advanced speaker to date. When the highest fidelity is what matters most. Featuring a proprietary DPC-Array controlling Mid/High frequencies, centered by their finest 28mm Beryllium dome and dual 28mm TPCD ultra-lightweight domes. All transducers are developed ground up by Perlisten engineers – bringing decades of research, culminating in this world class design.

Perlisten teamed up with companies in the USA and Sweden to bring modern material science to hi-fi. Utilizing advanced Comsol acoustical modeling, their DPC-array is the result of 18 months of painstaking simulations and prototyping. The result is one of the most technologically advanced loudspeakers available. This new tweeter/waveguide DPC-Array delivers amazing accuracy, smoothness, and directivity control to handle the critical vocal range and delicate treble. All S-Series speakers share the same DPC-Array and benefit from our unique timbre matching technique across the entire series.

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A New Standard

Custom bass drivers made from thin-ply carbon diaphragms (TPCD) can be configured as bass reflex or acoustic suspension and adjusted for listener preference. True full range performance with unparalleled dynamic range and musical finesse. The PERLISTEN S-Series speakers also have the distinguished honor to be the world’s first and only loudspeakers to be certified for THX Dominus – their highest rating. A mark of achievement.


“The Perlisten S7t are among the most remarkable speakers I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Their performance reaches dizzying heights of pure musical energy when fed by remarkable integrated amplifiers like the Constellation Audio Inspiration Integrated 1.0 and Riviera Labs Levante making for musical experiences as rich, rewarding, and captivating as I’ve had the pleasure to experience in my lifetime.

The S7ts jumped to the head of my Favorite Gear of 2021 list and I recommend them without reservation.”

— Twittering Machines

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