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Perca Stereo Amplifier

Sale price$9,850.00

The Mola Mola Perca is a stereo power amplifier in our well-known half size chassis. Capable of deliver- ing 150 Watts into an 8 Ohm load and doubling down to 300 Watts into 4 Ohm, it will drive any loudspeak- er with ease, refinement, and clarity. The ultra-low distortion class A input stages are implemented on a separate board, together with their own high perfor- mance voltage regulation.


The Mola Mola Perca amplifier is a masterpiece of audio engineering, epitomizing the pinnacle of sound technology and design. Audiophiles will be captivated by its exceptional clarity, power, and precision, which make it stand out in the high-end audio market. The Perca integrates cutting-edge technology with a sleek, contemporary design, offering unparalleled sound reproduction that brings every detail of music to life. Its unique circuitry and high-quality components ensure minimal distortion and pure, natural sound, making it an ideal choice for discerning listeners who demand the best in audio performance. With the Mola Mola Perca, audiophiles can experience their music collection like never before, immersing themselves in a sound that is both powerful and intricately detailed, a true testament to Mola Mola's commitment to audio excellence.



2x 150W 8Ohm
2x 300W 4Ohm


22dB or 28dB

Signal/noise ratio:


Distortion (THD and IMD):


Input impedance:


Output impedance:

(Or Damping factor >4000)


Bruno Putzeys' expertise, honed through his significant contributions at Hypex, is a defining factor in the remarkable design and performance of the Mola Mola Perca amplifier. Known for his innovative work in Class D amplifier technology at Hypex, Putzeys applied his extensive knowledge and unique vision to the development of the Perca. This amplifier encapsulates his commitment to achieving both technical excellence and emotional resonance in sound reproduction. The integration of advanced Class D technology, a hallmark of Putzeys' work at Hypex, ensures that the Perca offers not only minimal distortion but also exceptional clarity and depth. His influence is evident in every aspect of the Perca's design, making it a standout choice for audiophiles who value the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and high-fidelity audio performance, all stemming from Putzeys' groundbreaking work in the audio industry.