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Hegel H600 Integrated Amplifier

Sale price$12,500.00

The H600 serves as Hegel's flagship integrated amplifier. Boasting 303 watts at 8 ohms, an exceptional damping factor of 4000, and the ability to handle 2-ohm loads, this robust amplifier can effortlessly and confidently power any speaker.

An in-house design team meticulously crafts all electronic circuitry, exclusively employing top-tier components. This meticulous approach grants us unprecedented authority over the amplification process. When coupled with the cutting-edge SoundEngine2 correction technology, the outcome is an audio signal that faithfully mirrors the original recording.

The end result is an exceptionally broad and deep soundstage, complemented by an impressive dynamic range and superb control over bass frequencies.

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hegel h600
Hegel H600 Integrated Amplifier Sale price$12,500.00
Hegel firmly believes in the harmonious fusion of exceptional audio quality and user-friendly functionality. That's why the H600 boasts an extensive array of streaming options. It offers support for UPnP streaming, Spotify Connect, Airplay, Tidal Connect, Chromecast built-in™, and is Roon Ready (pending).

However, this merely scratches the surface. The highly advanced streaming engine ensures that the amplifier consistently incorporates the latest streaming possibilities, guaranteeing that your music streaming experience remains up-to-date.

Most inputs can also be configured as fixed high-level Home Theater inputs, streamlining the integration of the H600 with surround receivers or multi-room devices. And, in keeping with our commitment to continuous improvement, future firmware updates are readily available at no cost. The amplifier will seamlessly install these updates, ensuring that your H600 remains current and fully equipped with the latest features.
The H600's D/A Converter employs a bit-perfect design, delivering unadulterated audio fidelity with no resampling or upsampling. The DAC benefits from a substantial, dedicated power supply, guaranteeing pristine and unwavering performance. It is further safeguarded by a robust steel plate, shielding it from interference generated by other components within the amplifier. The outcome is an advanced D/A converter celebrated for its remarkable resolution and smoothness.

With a chassis constructed from aluminum, sound quality is further enhanced. This includes a solid lower chassis and a top cover featuring two-layered vents, enhancing both rigidity and airflow. Sizeable aluminum feet, equipped with an anti-scratch design, provide exceptional stability and reduce vibrations. Additionally, high-quality RCA connectors and strategically optimized positioning of analog and digital connectors contribute to reduced noise and improved channel separation.

Finally, the amplifier's prominent control knobs feature touch-sensitive controls, ensuring effortless and intuitive operation. These knobs offer a delightful tactile feel, enhancing the user's experience when making adjustments.

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