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Accuphase E-5000 Integrated Amplifier

Sale price$18,975.00

The Accuphase E-5000 Integrated Amplifier stands as a pinnacle of audio engineering, crafted to commemorate Accuphase's 50-year anniversary. Boasting a high-power Class AB design, this amplifier delivers unparalleled performance that will captivate any audiophile. At its core, the preamplifier section features the renowned Balanced AAVA volume control, ensuring precise and transparent signal handling. Meanwhile, the power amplifier section showcases an instrumentation amp and power transistors in a five-fold push-pull arrangement, operating in Class AB to provide robust and dynamic sound reproduction. This meticulous circuit design creates a balanced circuit from input to output, ensuring optimal fidelity and sonic purity.



The E-5000 is the flagship high-power Class AB integrated amplifier developed to mark Accuphase’s 50th anniversary. The preamplifier section features our superior Balanced AAVA volume control, while the power amplifier section includes an instrumentation amp and power transistors in a five-fold push-pull arrangement driven in Class AB. These circuits create a balanced circuit from input to output. With its precisely balanced circuits and solidly built output stage, the E-5000 integrated amplifier presents every piece of music in exquisite detail.

Accuphase E-5000: An Overview 

Experience audio nirvana with the Accuphase E-5000, a high-output integrated amplifier crafted to celebrate Accuphase's 50-year legacy. Boasting a meticulously balanced design and robust construction, this flagship Class AB amplifier redefines sonic excellence.

Balanced AAVA Volume Control

Revolutionizing volume control, the E-5000 features Accuphase's signature Balanced AAVA technology. Unlike conventional variable resistors, AAVA generates multiple signals from the input, ensuring minimal noise and maximum clarity at any volume level. Enjoy pristine sound reproduction without the drawbacks of deteriorating contacts or unwanted noise.

Quiet and Smooth Volume Sensor Design

Accuphase's in-house developed volume sensor guarantees quiet and precise volume adjustment. Crafted from heavy-duty materials and utilizing advanced aluminum block extrusion, it delivers smooth operation and precise position detection. Say goodbye to operation sounds and hello to a seamless listening experience.

Formidable Power Amplification Stage

Equipped with a formidable power amplification stage, the E-5000 delivers uncompromising performance. Utilizing five-fold parallel push-pull power transistors in Class AB configuration, it effortlessly drives speakers with a rated output of 240 watts into 8 ohms and 320 watts into 4 ohms.

High Damping Factor for Speaker Optimization

With a damping factor of 1,000, the E-5000 extracts the full potential from your speakers. This high damping factor ensures optimal speaker performance, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the music.

Optimized Power Supply Circuitry 

Featuring a robust power supply circuitry with a massive toroidal transformer and high-voltage filtering capacitors, the E-5000 ensures stable power delivery at all times. Experience audio stability and precision like never before with Accuphase's meticulous engineering.


  • Balanced AAVA volume control
  • Highly reliable logic-control signal switching relays
  • Ample input connectors (Five line level and two balanced)
  • Line level input and output connectors for a recorder
  • Individual phase setting for each input
  • Stereo signal can be switched to monophonic operation
  • Left / right balance control through Balanced AAVA
  • Volume attenuator that can instantly reduce sound as low as –20 dB
  • Loudness compensator to adjust audible sonic balance
  • Tone controls using summing active filters
  • Power amplification stage employs instrumentation amplifier principle
  • Current feedback amplification circuit topology assures excellent phase characteristics in high range
  • Speaker output protection circuit guards against short-circuiting
  • Protection circuitry using low impedance, highly reliable MOS-FET switches
  • Two massive speaker connectors for output switching and simultaneous output
  • Line level and balanced outputs at the preamplifier section support bi-amping connection
  • Line level and balanced inputs at the power amp section allow use as a power amplifier
  • Dedicated, high-quality headphone amplifier constructed with discrete components
  • Two expansion slots for option boards