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Accuphase OFC Series ALC-75 XLR Interconnects (7.5 m)

Sale price$1,350.00

The Accuphase OFC ALC-75 XLR Connectors boast a design featuring a tightly braided outer conductor crafted from oxygen-free copper, effectively shielding the two internally twisted conductors also comprised of exceptionally pure copper. This meticulous construction yields a premium cable with minimal transfer losses and exceptional immunity to external noise interference. The outstanding performance of these cables guarantees the preservation of the sonic signature of high-end audio components within a system. Listeners can revel in a completely natural and well-balanced sound reproduction that effortlessly captures the entire musical spectrum with authenticity and finesse.

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ALC XLR Interconnects
Accuphase OFC Series ALC-75 XLR Interconnects (7.5 m) Sale price$1,350.00


OFC series with Neutrik-style XLR connectors

The Accuphase Balanced Oxygen-Free Copper Series cables use a densely braided outer conductor of oxygen-free copper, reliably shielding the two twisted internal conductors made of highly pure copper. The result is a high-quality OFC interconnect with negligible transfer losses and excellent resistance to induced noise. The superb performance of these cables ensures that the sonic character of top-quality audio components connected in a system is fully preserved. Listeners can enjoy utterly natural, well-balanced sound that gives free expression to the full musical spectrum.

To accommodate equipment with XLR-type connectors, Accuphase offers the ALC-75 with 3-pin Neutrik-type XLR connectors, with BTS standard, pin one (1) is connected to the shield.


  • Centre conductor core wires are the combination of highly pure oxygen free copper wires and silver-plated soft copper wires, providing excellent transfer characteristics.

  • Centre conductors are formed with the combination of two types of highly pure oxygen-free copper wires of different diameters and a silver-plated soft copper wire type with low resistance. The insulation layer consists of polyethylene with high dielectric resistance and foamed polyethylene, resulting in a triple-layer configuration, implemented in a dual-core design. Transfer losses as well as DC resistance are minimal.

  • Shielding is provided by 192 ultra-fine 0.1 mm high-purity copper wires braided to a high density, plus a layer of aluminum foil tape. This dual approach results in low capacitance and gives extra protection against any form of externally induced noise.

Accuphase Balanced OFC ALC Cable Cross-section View

1. Centre conductors

2. Dielectric (white)

3. Dielectric (red)

4. Interstitial core

5. Paper taping

6. Shielded conductor (Braided shield)

7. Jacket


  • Configuration: 2-conductor shielded cable

  • Dielectric: Polyethylene + foamed polyethylene

  • Jacket: Blue PVC, 8.7 mm diameter

  • Centre conductors: Oxygen free copper wire, silver-plated soft copper wire × 58

  • Shielded conductor: Oxygen free copper wire × 192

  • Total DC loop resistance:  39ohm/m

  • The capacitance between two center conductors: 70pF/m

  • Interelectrode inductance: 660nH/m

  • Insulation resistance: 40Mohm/km

Note: Specifications and design are subject to change without notice for improvements.

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