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Aurender W20SE

Sale price$23,000.00
The Aurender W20SE earns its status as a world-class music storage and playback device by seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology with audiophile-grade performance. What sets it apart is its remarkable battery-powered design, which ensures an ultra-pure and noise-free power source for the most discerning listeners. With an expansive storage capacity, it accommodates vast music libraries without compromising on quality. Meticulous attention to audio precision, a robust power supply, and precise clocking guarantee that music is rendered with astonishing clarity and fidelity. The W20SE effortlessly integrates into high-end audio systems and handles a broad range of audio formats, including high-resolution files, making it the ultimate choice for audiophiles seeking the highest level of sound quality and the added benefit of a battery-powered operation. The Aurender W20SE redefines excellence in music storage and playback, delivering an unmatched listening experience.


Storage Capacity:

Storage Capacity

Aurender W20SE

Silencing Noise, Amplifying Sonic Purity


Reviving Audio Excellence with Distinction

Rare are the digital audio components that endure in production for eight years or achieve the iconic status of the original Aurender W20. Enhancing a timeless component like the W20 posed a formidable challenge, yet the W20 Special Edition ("W20SE") has elevated the global bestseller to a new, even more distinguished level.

Embraced by music aficionados, audiophiles, and collectors of exquisite luxury items for its pure, natural sound, nuanced delivery, and musicality, the W20SE stands unrivaled.

A distinctive LiFePO4 battery power supply eliminates AC noise, allowing the music to emanate from a pitch-black background. Tailored for use in the world's most elite audio systems, the W20SE boasts a range of OCXO clock-controlled digital outputs, including a unique dual-wire AES/EBU output. The W20SE's master clock input enhances connectivity, facilitating integration with superior Master Clocks like the MC20.

Say farewell to "digital glare," congestion, and harshness as the W20SE presents an ultra-relaxed, utterly transparent audio experience.

Physical Specifications

Dimensions16.9″W x 14.6″D x 5″H (4.6″H w/o Feet)
Weight46.5 lb
MaterialMachined Aluminum Chassis 
Front Panel DisplayDual 3.7″ AMOLED


Technical Specifications

Power Supply3x LiFePO4 Battery for Audio + Linear PSU for system
CPUAMD Dual Core (18W)
Library Storage Capacity16TB
SSD for System & Cache1TB 2.5″
Data USB Ports1X USB 2.0 (Rear)
Software SuiteAurender Conductor
Ethernet PortDouble-Isolated Gigabit LAN
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Yes (LiFEPO4)
Power ConsumptionPlay (35W), Peak (70W), Standby (2.5W)
CD Ripping CapabilityN/A


Audio Specifications

Analog OutputsN/A
DAC ChipsetN/A
Audio Word ClockOCXO Rev2
Analog Outputs Supported FormatN/A
Digital OutputsUSB Audio (Dedicated), Dual-AES/EBU (OCXO Controlled), BNC Coax SPDIF (OCXO Controlled), RCA Coax SPDIF (OCXO Controlled), Optical/TosLink SPDIF (OCXO Controlled)
USB Output Supported FormatUp To 32-bit / 384 kHz, DSD128 (DoP), DSD256 (Native)
SPDIF & AES/EBU Output Supported FormatPCM: Up to 32-bit / 192 kHz; DSD: Up to DSD64 via DoP, Dual-Wire AES/EBU: PCM Up to 32-bit / 384 kHz; DSD Up to DSD128 via DoP
Digital InputsN/A
Headphone SectionN/A
Master Clock InputCoaxial BNC 75Ω – 10MHz, 12.8MHz, 44.1-48kHz (multiples from 1-512x)
MQA SupportMQA Core-Decoder On Board
Compatible FormatsDSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, M4A, APE and others
DSD-to-PCM ConversionDSD64/128/256/512 to 88.2/176.4kHz
Aurender W20SE inside

Key Features

Battery Power Supply

W20SE’s LiFePO4 battery power supply completely eliminates AC noise allowing the music to emerge from an inky black background. The Battery PSU contributes to W20SE’s supreme ease and relaxed presentation of the music.

Dual-Wire AES/EBU

With a compatible DAC, W20SE’s dual-wire AES/EBU outputs are capable of supporting up to 24-bit/384 kHz data streams without depending on USB. Experience the ultimate “analog” style output from a digital component.

OCXO Controlled Outputs

Aurender’s Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) clocks are unique in a category that has historically treated superior SPDIF and AES/EBU audio outputs as an afterthought. Unlike USB, where the DAC’s clock matters most, SPDIF and AES/EBU data streams are only as good as the transport clocks that govern them. N30SA, N20, and W20SE all employ exceptionally accurate and stable OCXO clocks for a smooth, saturated, and laser-focused audio presentation.

PCM Upsampling

W20SE is capable of upsampling any lower resolution content to a higher sample rate for better performance with some DACs (up to 176.4/192kHz or 384kHz on dual-wire AES/EBU outputs). Upsampling effects only the system’s SPDIF and AES/EBU digital outputs. USB is always bit-perfect with no digital signal processing.

Clock Input

N20, N30SA, W20, and W20SE all feature a unique Clock Input for connectivity with an external Master Clock such as MC20. A superior Master Clock can make a good system sound uncannily realistic, giving a new literal meaning to “High Fidelity.”

Massive SSD Storage Built-In

W20SE can accommodate the largest music collections as it can be built to order with 4TB, 8TB* or 16TB* of internal SSD storage.*Special Order configurations may add 1-2 weeks to order fulfillment time

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