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Aurender N30SA Digital Network Transport

Sale price$25,000.00
Unlock an unparalleled musical experience with Aurender's N30SA, the pinnacle of over a decade of dedicated research and product development. This Digital Output Network Transport is engineered for optimal transparency, resolution, pace, rhythm, dynamics, and expressive musical revelation.

In the realm of digital audio rendering, the key challenges are combating Noise and Jitter for a flawless musical presentation. The N30SA's innovative dual-chassis design effectively isolates sensitive audio outputs from noise-generating components, resulting in an exceptional level of coherence and tranquility. This tranquility allows listeners to delve deep into the music, discerning individual instruments with unprecedented dynamics, true-to-life timbre, deep bass extension, and impactful slam, even during intricate musical passages.

Similar to its predecessors, N20 and W20SE, the N30SA boasts SPDIF and AES/EBU outputs controlled by a highly precise OCXO clock, minimizing jitter and its detrimental artifacts. This eliminates the harshness and incoherence that can plague some digital audio presentations. For the epitome of atomic clock timing accuracy, consider enhancing your setup with an external Master Clock connection, such as Aurender's MC20.

Experience music as never before with Aurender's N30SA, where cutting-edge technology and meticulous design converge to deliver an unparalleled auditory journey.
Aurender N30SA Key Features

Key Features of Aurender N30SA

Experience groundbreaking audio performance with Aurender N30SA's revolutionary two-chassis design, achieving unprecedented physical and electrical noise isolation. The resulting low noise floor allows the music to shine without competition, providing an unparalleled auditory experience.

Enhance connectivity and minimize noise interference with bespoke power and data umbilical connections. The included cables, in 0.5m and 1.5m lengths, separate power and audio data, further isolating audio outputs from the rest of the component for superior performance.

Immerse yourself in musical engagement with N30SA's unique hybrid power supply and integrated UPS. Delivering pure DC current to power the digital audio output board, it redefines possibilities for extracting profound musical engagement from files and streams.

Aurender N30SA Additional Features

Additional Features of Aurender N30SA

Optimize audio quality with OCXO clock-controlled outputs in Aurender N30SA, N20, and W20SE. Unlike USB, where the DAC’s clock matters most, these models employ exceptionally accurate and stable OCXO clocks for a smooth, saturated, and laser-focused audio presentation.

Connect N30SA, N20, W20, and W20SE to an external Master Clock like MC20 through the unique Clock Input, transforming a good system into an uncannily realistic high-fidelity experience. This feature gives new meaning to the term "High Fidelity."

Benefit from PCM upsampling capabilities in N30SA, capable of enhancing lower resolution content up to 176.4/192kHz for improved performance with certain DACs. The 8.8” full-color IPS LCD display elegantly reproduces album art, artist names, and song titles for a visually pleasing experience.

Enjoy ample storage with an internally fitted 8TB SSD and the flexibility to expand storage using the additional disk tray. Aurender N30SA combines cutting-edge audio technology with versatile storage options for a comprehensive audio solution.