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Aurender N20 Digital Network Transport

Sale price$12,500.00

Aurender N20: Simplicity, Stability, and High-End Sound

"The Aurender N20 hits the bullseye with simplicity, stability, speed, and sound quality," as acclaimed by Positioned in the enviable sweet spot of cost vs. performance within Aurender's digital source components range, the N20 is a true overachiever designed for both high-end and more modest audio systems.

Equipped with ultra high-end SPDIF (Coaxial, BNC, Optical) and AES/EBU outputs, as well as an isolated USB Audio output, the N20 ensures a perfect marriage of low noise and low jitter. The SPDIF digital output suite is controlled by a precise OCXO clock for long-term jitter reduction. Users also have the option to sync with an external clock through the provided word clock or master clock input.

Experience the extreme limits of high-resolution file support, on-the-fly DSD-to-PCM conversion for SPDIF outputs, and flexibility with two user-installable storage bays. The machined aluminum front panel showcases a large 8.8” full-color IPS LCD display that elegantly reproduces album art, artist names, and song titles, embodying the virtues of high-end audio performance and user-friendliness expected from Aurender.

Aurender N20: High-Fidelity Features

Key Features of Aurender N20

Experience unparalleled audio quality with Aurender N20's unique linear power supply, delivering pure DC current to power the digital audio output board and a separate linear power supply chain for non-audio components. The flagship DNA of N30SA is reflected in N20's hardware features, offering resolution, timbral saturation, and noise-floor reduction in a single chassis.

Benefit from OCXO clock-controlled outputs, ensuring superior SPDIF and AES/EBU audio quality. N20, N30SA, and W20SE employ exceptionally accurate OCXO clocks, providing a smooth, saturated, and laser-focused audio presentation. Explore the promised land of audio with N20's single chassis component.

Unlock advanced connectivity with a unique Clock Input, featured in N20, N30SA, W20, and W20SE. Connect to an external Master Clock like MC20 for an uncannily realistic high-fidelity experience. Enjoy PCM upsampling capabilities for better performance with some DACs, affecting only the system's SPDIF digital outputs. Customize storage options with user-installable trays and experience visual elegance with the 8.8” full-color IPS LCD display.

Aurender N20: Additional Features

Additional Features of Aurender N20

Customize your audio experience with Aurender N20's user-installable storage options. Built with two trays, load up to 2 8TB SSDs for extensive capacity or leave them empty for streaming preferences. N20's PCM upsampling capabilities enhance lower resolution content up to 176.4/192kHz, delivering better performance with some DACs and affecting only the system's SPDIF digital outputs.

Immerse yourself in visual elegance with the impressive 8.8” full-color IPS LCD display. Reproducing album art, artist names, and song titles, the display enhances your overall audio-visual experience. Aurender N20 offers flexibility, advanced features, and a design that aligns with your preferences for high-fidelity audio enjoyment.