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Audionet HEISENBERG Monoblock Amplifier

Sale price$105,000.00

The Audionet Heisenberg amplifiers stand as strong contenders for the title of "the best in the world" due to their exceptional engineering, unwavering commitment to sonic purity, and innovative design. These amplifiers are meticulously handcrafted with precision and care, ensuring that every component and detail is optimized for superior audio performance. With their massive power output and unrivaled transparency, the Heisenberg amps effortlessly reveal the subtleties and nuances within music, creating an immersive listening experience that few can rival.

What truly sets the Audionet Heisenberg amplifiers apart is their unique Current Feedback technology, which allows for unparalleled control and precision in amplifying audio signals. This technology ensures that the amplifiers respond instantaneously to the dynamic demands of music, preserving its integrity and delivering it with uncompromising accuracy. With their robust build quality, exceptional engineering, and an unwavering dedication to audiophile-grade sound, the Audionet Heisenberg amplifiers have rightfully earned their place as some of the finest amplifiers in the world, setting the benchmark for audio excellence in the industry. For those who demand nothing but the best, the Heisenberg amplifiers deliver an unparalleled sonic journey that is truly in a class of its own.

audionet heisenberg monoblock amplifier
Audionet HEISENBERG Monoblock Amplifier Sale price$105,000.00
HEISENBERG Mono Power Amplifier

Experience unparalleled audio quality with the HEISENBERG mono power amplifier

Meticulously crafted for absolute channel separation, our bespoke design features magnetically and capacitively optimized circuits, ensuring peak performance without any ferro-magnetic materials. The Floating Pane enhances resistance against microphonic effects and maintains temperature stability, and the body's floating panels are resonance-optimized with pads on an aluminum frame while transformers are securely mounted and bolted using stainless steel.

Air Flow Design circuit boards prioritize cooling and stable quiescent currents. Achieving galvanic separation of all analog circuits through opto couplers, our Audionet ULA technology (Ultra Linear Amplifier) ensures real-time linearization of distortions. Elevate your audio experience further with Rhodium Cinch jacks and Rhodium torque speaker terminals by Furutech, offering a premium touch to your sound system.

"Designed by German design legend Hartmut Esslinger of Cupertino fame, our new über-performance power amp HEISENBERG combines Audionet’s unique electronics, stratosphere version, with a design quality that has not been seen in the realms of highenddom before.

The patented FLOATING PANE DESIGN encorporates the ultimate audiophile qualities.

One amp to rule them all – HEISENBERG rises high above anything, anywhere – even our serial show winners ART and VIP (2015 “best sound” at RMAF, AXPONA, T.H.E.SHOW and HIGHEND)."


Technical Data

Technical Data

  • Output power: 530 W into 8 Ω, 1,050 W into 4 Ω, 2,100 W into 2 Ω

  • Frequency response: 0–700,000 Hz (-3 dB)

  • Damping factor: > 1,800 @ 10 kHz, > 10,000 @ 100 Hz

  • Harmonic distortion: k2 typ. -117 dB for 25 W into 4 Ω, k3 typ. -123 dB for 25 W into 4 Ω

  • Intermodulation: < -110 dB SMPTE 100 Hz : 20 kHz, 4 : 1, 50 W into 4 Ω

  • THD + N: > -106 dB @ 1 kHz, 25 W to 700 W into 4 Ω

  • SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio): > 125 dB

  • Filtering capacitance: 200,000 µF

  • Input impedance: Line input: 50 kΩ, 33 pF, XLR input: 7 kΩ 66 pF (line to line)

  • Power consumption: max. 2,400 W

  • Mains: 220..240 V or 110..120 V, 50..60 Hz

  • Dimensions: Width 270 mm, Height 500 mm, Depth 490 mm

  • Weight: 66 kg


HEISENBERG DC-Coupled Audio System

This audio system boasts unparalleled signal integrity, featuring the shortest signal paths without sound-diminishing capacitors or coils. Signal transport to speaker terminals is achieved through gold-plated copper rails, ensuring lossless transmission. The absence of speaker relays also enhances efficiency. HEISENBERG is powered by two separate supplies for control and zero-crossing detection/monitoring, along with four power supplies for positive and negative currents, meticulously separated for input & driver stage and power stage.

Encapsulated and decoupled toroid transformers, totaling 50 VA for input & driver stage and 1,200 VA for the power stage, guarantee a flawless power supply. With low impedance-optimized power capacitors totaling 200,000 µF, the system ensures optimal performance. A microprocessor-controlled protection circuit, with a dedicated power supply, detects high frequency, DC, overload, and overheating. The inclusion of a Rhodium fuse for mains and secondary side, along with a Rhodium mains connector by Furutech, further elevates the system's reliability and performance.

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