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AMP I V2 - Stero Power Amplifier

Sale price$11,150.00

The Audionet AMP 1 V2 is an absolute must-audition for audiophiles seeking stereo amplifiers in the $10,000 price range for several compelling reasons:

  1. Uncompromising Sound Quality: At this price point, there are very few stereo amplifiers that deliver the music the way the AMP 1 V2 delivers. Its advanced circuitry and design result in a sonic purity that's second to none. The amplifier's exceptional sound clarity, detail retrieval, and transparency bring out the nuances in music recordings, allowing listeners to experience music as the artist intended.

  2. Power and Precision: With a substantial power output, the AMP 1 V2 can effortlessly drive even the most demanding speakers. Audiophiles can revel in the dynamic range and headroom this amplifier offers, ensuring that music is reproduced with both power and precision, regardless of the genre.

  3. Build and Craftsmanship: The AMP 1 V2 is a testament to German engineering excellence. It's crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using high-quality components and materials. Its robust construction not only enhances its durability but also contributes to its ability to deliver consistent, high-fidelity sound over time.

  4. Versatility and Integration: This amplifier is designed to seamlessly integrate into a high-end audio system. It offers a range of input options, including balanced and unbalanced connections, ensuring compatibility with various source components. Its sleek, modern design also adds an aesthetic touch to any audiophile's listening room.

  5. Audiophile Community Praise: The Audionet AMP 1 V2 has garnered praise and accolades from the audiophile community and reviewers alike. Its reputation for excellence precedes it, making it a go-to choice for those in the know.

In summary, the Audionet AMP 1 V2 stands out as a compelling option for audiophiles exploring stereo amplifiers in the $10,000 price range due to its unmatched sound quality, power, craftsmanship, versatility, and its well-earned reputation among discerning listeners. It's a testament to the commitment to audio excellence and an investment that serious music enthusiasts will appreciate for years to come.

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28 Kilograms of Passion

The AMP I V2 represents an exemplary combination of pioneering Audionet technology with the company’s typically detail-obsessed scientific application and experience-based knowledge.

The sonic culture of the AMP I V2 is characterized by emotionality, sincerity and completeness. Performing quickly and with extremely fine resolution, it dazzles with its richness of detail. At the same time, the delivery is relaxed, devoid of the least hint of harshness or rigidity. Dynamic leaps are imparted with the necessary impact, without being merely loud. The bass is resolute and richly contoured. All this amounts to strikingly realistic holographic quality. And as a machine, the new Audionet discreetly stays in the background and creates a space within which the effect of the music can unfold – in all its artistry and emotionality.



The AMP I V2 incorporates Audionet's advanced ULA (Ultra-Linear-Amplifier) technology, acclaimed globally and honored with multiple awards. Initially designed for medical engineering, this intricate circuit topology delivers cutting-edge measurement results. It maintains signal purity at undetectable levels, even under extreme conditions, while its exceptional feedback damping guarantees optimal performance of loudspeakers at their maximum capacity.


The AMP I V2, a dual-mono amplifier, excels in linearity, reflux damping, and loudspeaker control. It minimizees interference between channels and stages, boasting a distortion near-elimination due to its compact design with no critical components like coils or relays. With innovative circuitry, dedicated transformers (two 700 VA toroid-core transformers), and high-capacity capacitors (totaling 188,000 µF), it ensures exceptional performance. Monitored by a specialized control unit, it prioritizes operational safety by disconnecting from the main supply when necessary.



Stereo power amplifier.

Special Highlights

  • Audionet ULA technology (Ultra-Linear-Amlifier)

  • Dual-mono amplifier

  • Magnetically and capacitatively optimized construction

  • Signal paths are kept to a minimum

  • No capacitors and electromechanical components in the signal path

  • Completely DC coupeld

  • Separate power supply for input and power stage

  • 2 toroid transformer, each with 700 VA

  • 4 impulse-stable high-current capacitors with filtering capacity totalling 188,000 µF

  • Discrete, extremely fast and stable driver and output stages

  • Control unit for HF, DC, temperature rise and overload

  • Remote activation via Audionet Link (optical waveguide)

Ins- and Outputs

Audio inputs2 Furutech RCA line, gold plated, Teflon insulated
Loudspeaker outputs:2 pair Furutech 4mm-jacks, rhodium plated
Remote activation:2 Audionet Links, optical (in- and output)


Technical Data

Output:2 x 200 Watts into 8 ohms
2 x 300 Watts into 4 ohms
2 x 450 Watts into 2 ohms
1 x 600 Watts into 8 ohms (bridged)
1 x 900 Watts into 4 ohms (bridged)
Filtering capacity188,000 µF
Frequency Response:0 – 300,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Damping Factor:> 10,000 @ 100 Hz
Harmonic Spectrum:k2 typ. -120 dB for 25 Watts @ 4 ohms
k3 typ. -123 dB for 25 Watts @ 4 ohms
Intermodulation:< -110 dB SMPTE 100 Hz : 20 kHz, 4 : 1, 50 W @ 4 ohms
Channel Separation:> 100 dB @ 1 kHz
THD + N:< -102 dB at 1 kHz, 35 Watts @ 2 ohms between 20 Hz and 20 kHz
SNR:> 106 dB at 10 Veff
Input Impedance:37 kOhm, 220 pF
Power Consumption:max. 1,500 W
Mains connection:120 or 230 V, 50…60 Hz
Dimensions:width 430 mm
height 175 mm
depth 315 mm
Weight:28 kg