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Altaira - Noise Reduction Hubs

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The Shunyata Altaira noise reduction hubs are thoughtfully engineered to combat a persistent challenge in audio systems – the presence of unwanted noise on equipment chassis. The core concept behind these hubs revolves around their exceptional ability to target and eliminate this disruptive noise that clings to equipment chassis surfaces. Shunyata Altaira hubs utilize state-of-the-art technology and innovative design principles to ensure that noise residing on chassis components is effectively suppressed, resulting in a flawless audio and video experience.

These hubs incorporate advanced noise reduction techniques, such as electromagnetic field cancellation and high-quality filtration, to specifically address the noise that accumulates on equipment chassis. The meticulous craftsmanship and precision engineering of the Shunyata Altaira hubs underscore the brand's unwavering commitment to delivering superior performance. By successfully mitigating chassis-based noise, these hubs substantially enhance the clarity, precision, and overall quality of sound within your audio  system. Whether you're a discerning audiophile or a dedicated home theater enthusiast, the Shunyata Altaira noise reduction hubs offer an elegantly designed solution that guarantees optimal equipment performance, free from the interference that can detract from your entertainment experience.  The proof is in the pudding, contact us to arrange an audition in your own system.

Altaria Model:

Altaria Model

ALTAIRA: Unveiling a Ground Breaking Approach to Noise Reduction

Experience the forefront of noise control in audio systems with designer Caelin Gabriel's groundbreaking creation, the ALTAIRA.

Patented Technology: ALTAIRA's Distinctive Solution to Ground-Plane Noise

Discover how ALTAIRA's patented technologies effectively combat electromagnetic interference, providing unparalleled noise reduction in home entertainment and pro-audio setups.

Hub-Based Architecture: ALTAIRA's Scalable and High-Performance Design

Explore the expandable hub-style architecture of ALTAIRA, offering scalability for various system sizes. Paired with Shunyata Research's CGC/SGC ground cables, it forms a high-performance grounding system for professional and personal use.

Tailored Solutions: Choosing Between ALTAIRA Chassis Hub and Signal Hub

Customize your noise reduction strategy with two distinct ALTAIRA models. The Chassis Hub simplifies systems with fewer components, while the Signal Hub segregates and isolates specific components for advanced performance.

Astonishing Results: ALTAIRA's Impact on Audio and Video Performance

Witness a dramatic improvement in resolution, spatial dimensionality, bass foundation, and video content quality as ALTAIRA strips away layers of noise, revealing previously hidden musical details.

Seamless Integration: ALTAIRA's Supportive Documentation for Optimal Setup

Embark on the journey of adding an ALTAIRA grounding hub to your system with ease. Explore our comprehensive documentation designed to support your considerations and ensure a seamless integration process. Elevate your audio experience with ALTAIRA's revolutionary noise reduction technology.


 The ‌‌NIC™ (‌‌Noise Isolation Chamber) is a patented Shunyata Research device that reduces high frequency power line noise. It employs a ferroelectric substance that absorbs high-frequency noise without any of the reactive negatives associated with transformers and large capacitors as used in conventional power conditioners.

~ Patent US 8,658,892 ~

‌‌CCI™ filters have the unique ability to reduce component-generated power line noise without inhibiting DTCD® (dynamic transient current delivery). This unique filter element prevents power line noise from one component from contaminating the other adjacent electronic components. Shunyata Research’s ‌‌CCI™ filter modules consist of proprietary multi-stage filters that reduce power supply-generated noise without the use of heavy transformers, coils or large capacitors.

Six Isolation Zones
ALTAIRA has six terminals that are each individually isolated from one another. Each terminal is designed to connect to a single component for best performance. Each zone and each component is therefore isolated from one another and from earth-ground common-mode noise.

Dedicated Earth-Ground Terminal (7th Terminal)
ALTAIRA should be connected to a true earth-ground for best results. All Shunyata power distributors provide a chassis ground terminal which makes an excellent method to establish a safe earth-ground connection. The Everest and Denali power distributor’s GP-NR system both provide an excellent earth-ground connection point. The 7th terminal may also be used to interconnect multiple ALTAIRA hubs. For instance, an ALTAIRA Signal Ground Hub can be connected to an ALTAIRA Chassis Ground Hub.

Completely Passive Design
The ALTAIRA does not require AC power or batteries. It operates without generating heat or noise of any kind.
No Hum – No Buzz – No Heat

Pure Copper Terminals
The ALTAIRA uses the finest pure OFHC copper terminals for the best performance.

All Metal Construction
No cheap plastic cases here. The ALTAIRA is made from solid steel and aluminum, then powder-coated for a high-quality finish that will withstand the test of time.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
It is all too common and easy for a company to make wild marketing claims. The true measure of a company’s confidence in their product’s performance and reliability is its commitment to stand behind the product. The ALTAIRA is built to deliver reliable performance for a lifetime. We put it in writing and guarantee it.

ALTAIRA is available for upgrade to SSF-38 solid stainless steel feet.

Shunyata Research’s SSF (Stainless Steel Feet) provides a significant upgrade in performance on ALTAIRA grounding hubs. It is well known that component performance can be improved by placing them on a shelf, or a dedicated amplifier stand, and by using high-performance cones under them. While these tweaks are beneficial, they can be quite costly. We’ve developed the SSF to optimizer performance without the high cost of accessories.

Our SSF feet are milled from solid blocks of high-grade stainless steel and feature an energy-absorbing polymer isolator. The SSF feet are easy for the dealer or customer to install and replace the rubber isolation feet that come standard on some Shunyata power distributors.


Power Requirements: 

Number of Port: 

Isolation Zones: 

Noise Reduction:
6-12dB @ 3kHz-30MHz

Earth Ground Isolation (SG-NR unit only) :
>6db @ 50kHz-30MHz

Vibration Control: 
Isolation polymer footer

Aluminum and steel chassis and machined aluminum faceplate

Width: 14.1 inches (35.814 cm)
Total Depth: 6.9 inches (17.526 cm), faceplate to end of ground terminals
Depth: 5.6 inches (14.224 cm), faceplate to back of chassis
Height: 3.4 inches (8.636 cm) chassis with feet

8.2 lbs (3.7 kg)

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