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Accuphase SR Series ASLC- 50B Interconnects (XLR 5m)

Sale price$3,995.00

Audio cables are expected to meet several crucial criteria, including minimizing transmission losses, maintaining sonic neutrality, and fully showcasing the sonic and musical attributes of connected devices. Accuphase utilizes cutting-edge technology to meet these demands, conducting rigorous research on conductor materials, insulation, and cable construction. Through meticulous testing and development, we are delighted to introduce our latest high-quality cable, engineered to virtually eliminate losses and deliver music in its purest form with utmost clarity and refinement.

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Accuphase SR Series ASLC- 50B Interconnects (XLR 5m)
Accuphase SR Series ASLC- 50B Interconnects (XLR 5m) Sale price$3,995.00


SR Series Cable with Cannon-type XLR connectors.

The Accuphase Balanced ASLC 5-meter SL Series Cable, featuring Cannon-type XLR connectors, is designed to accommodate equipment with balanced connections. These interconnects are equipped with high-quality 3-pin Cannon-type XLR connectors, ensuring compatibility and adherence to the BTS standard where pin one is connected to the shield.

When it comes to audio cables, meeting stringent requirements is paramount. Accuphase ensures their cables exhibit minimal transmission losses, maintain neutrality in sonic reproduction, and faithfully represent the sonic and musical qualities of connected gear. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology and thorough research into conductor materials, insulation, and cable construction, Accuphase presents a high-quality cable that minimizes signal loss and allows music to be experienced in its purest form. The SR series cable boasts an 8-core multi-hybrid configuration, featuring a center conductor comprised of two sets of four different copper wires, including an extra thick 7N ultra-pure copper wire. With a center conductor dielectric employing low-inductivity polyethylene and a high-insulation resistance, stray capacitance between conductors is minimized. The braided outer shield, utilizing a dual-shield design combining 192 ultra-fine soft copper wires with aluminum foil tape, effectively isolates external noise for an immersive listening experience.

SR Series Cable Cross-section View


  • Total DC loop resistance:  16ohm/m

  • Capacitance between two center conductors: 218pF/m

  • Interelectrode inductance: 500nH/m

  • nsulation resistance: 40Mohm/km

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