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Accuphase SR Series ASL-50B Interconnects (RCA 5 m)

Sale price$2,795.00

Accuphase SR Series ASL-50B RCA Interconnects embody the essential qualities demanded of audio cables. These cables are engineered to minimize transmission losses, preserve the integrity of the original sound, and efficiently reproduce the sonic and musical characteristics of connected equipment. Leveraging advanced technology and extensive research into conductor materials, insulation, and cable construction, Accuphase delivers a high-quality interconnect cable that surpasses expectations. Through meticulous testing and refinement, the ASL-cables ensures minimal signal loss and enables the full expression of music with unparalleled clarity and refinement.

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Accuphase SR Series ASL-50B Interconnects (RCA 5 m)
Accuphase SR Series ASL-50B Interconnects (RCA 5 m) Sale price$2,795.00

Super Refined Audio Cable (5m RCA)

Gold-plated RCA phono plugs provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Audio cables must meet several crucial criteria: They should exhibit minimal transmission losses, avoid imparting any distinct sonic characteristics, and showcase the sonic and musical attributes of connected equipment to their fullest potential. Accuphase's ASL Audio cables achieve these objectives through cutting-edge technology. Through extensive research on conductor and insulation materials, as well as cable construction principles, coupled with comprehensive listening tests, we proudly unveil this latest high-quality cable. It introduces virtually no losses, allowing the music to emerge in all its refined glory.

Given that RCA-type phono plugs are typically inserted and removed numerous times, they must possess high resistance to abrasion and maintain superior conductivity even after prolonged use. Additionally, they must withstand corrosion, which can result from exposure to sulfuric gases and other atmospheric contaminants. The thick gold plating of the plugs meets all of these requirements flawlessly.

  • The SR Series RCA cables feature gold-plated phono plugs renowned for their low contact resistance and exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring enduring reliability and optimal signal transmission.

  • Incorporating an innovative 8-core multi-hybrid construction comprising two sets of four distinct wire types, including class 7N high-grade copper wire, the SR Series sets a new standard for audio purity. This meticulous design minimizes signal loss, particularly at the extremities of the frequency range, resulting in remarkably transparent and faithful transmission.

  • Enhanced by a high-density braid and a double-layer structure equipped with aluminum foil tape covering the 192 φ 0.1 mm annealed copper wires, the SR Series achieves superior shielding performance while reducing capacitance. This meticulous engineering not only preserves the integrity of the audio signal but also ensures exceptional noise rejection, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and immersive listening experience.

SR Series Cable Cross-section View


Configuration8-core multi-hybrid construction
Exterior insulation materialPVC Dark brown φ8.7
Central conductorClass 7N high-grade copper wire
+ 3 types of copper wire
Shielded conductorAnnealed copper wire × 192
Conductor resistance (mΩ/m)9
Capacitance (pF/m)187.5
Inductance (μH/m)0.51

Note: Specifications and design are subject to change without notice for improvements.

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