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Accuphase E-280 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Sale price$6,995.00

The E-280 sound performance will defy the imagination. The AAVA volume control builds upon the knowledge of high-end equipment to control volume without any loss of information. The power amplification section utilizes the instrumentation amplifier principle to create an ideal speaker driver. The low-impedance design of the output circuitry brings out the full potential of every speaker. Two option boards can be added for improved expandability. 


The AAVA volume control system represents a significant advancement in volume regulation, drawing upon the expertise of high-end equipment to ensure precise volume adjustments without compromising audio fidelity. In the Accuphase E-280, this technology eliminates variable resistors from the signal path, employing 16 V-I converter circuits with varying gain to maintain an optimal signal-to-noise ratio and minimal distortion across the entire volume range. By eschewing traditional rotary resistors, the music signal remains unaltered, allowing for exceptional clarity and fidelity. The E-280 integrates maximum gain in four parallel rows and secondary V-I converter circuits in two parallel rows, effectively doubling the output current capability and halving circuit impedance to further mitigate noise.


  • AAVA volume control system, revolutionizing volume adjustment by eliminating variable resistors and ensuring consistent audio quality.

  • Enhanced power amplification stage featuring two bipolar transistors in a double parallel push-pull configuration for both left and right channels, delivering a rated output of 90 watts into 8 ohms or 120 watts into 4 ohms.

  • A 25% improvement in damping factor achieved through Balanced Remote Sensing and MOS-FET switches, resulting in a damping factor of 500 compared to the predecessor model.

  • Optimum stability in power supply circuitry, facilitated by a large transformer and substantial 30,000 μF filtering capacitors, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality power for superior audio performance.


  • AAVA volume control

  • Power amplification stage with bipolar transistors in double parallel push-pull configuration

  • Rated for 120 watts into 4 ohms and 90 watts into 8 ohms

  • High damping factor of 500

  • Power amplification stage configured as instrumentation amplifier

  • Current feedback amplification topology in power amplification stage

  • Logic-control relays for shortest signal paths

  • Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency transformer and large filtering capacitors

  • Protection circuitry using MOS-FET switches

  • Two rear panel expansion slots allow use of option boards