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Accuphase DC-1000 Precision Digital Processor

Sale price$24,975.00

 Accuphase DC-1000 Precision Digital Processor is an irresistible addition to your audio systems due to its unparalleled performance and sound quality. Equipped with the advanced ES9038 PRO processor, this digital processor utilizes an 8MDSD (DSD signal) and 8MDS++ (PCM signal) type D/A converter, driving eight channels in parallel to deliver nearly three times the performance of single-channel converters. This ensures an incredibly detailed and immersive listening experience. The DC-1000 also incorporates low-noise technologies refined from amplifier development, such as ANCC amplification and parallel power circuits, which elevate the emotional impact of the sound. Its dual direct balanced filter maintains completely separate line and balanced signals, while separate toroidal transformers and low-noise power supplies for analog and digital circuits ensure pristine audio reproduction. With a plethora of digital inputs, including USB, HS-LINK, optical, coaxial, and balanced options, the DC-1000 offers exceptional connectivity. Additionally, its digital outputs enable seamless digital recording, and the display provides vital information like sampling frequency and quantization bits. The Accuphase DC-1000 Precision Digital Processor is a masterpiece designed to meet the highest expectations of discerning audiophiles, making it an essential component for those seeking the ultimate audio experience.

DC - 1000

Accuphase presents the DC-1000, a digital processor engineered for superior performance and sound quality. It features the ES9038 PRO processor from ESS Technologies, an 8MDSD (DSD signal) / 8MDS++ (PCM signal) D/A converter that uses 8 channels in parallel, delivering nearly three times the performance of single-channel converters. Leveraging low-noise technologies honed from amplifier development, including ANCC amplification and parallel power circuits, the DC-1000 provides unprecedented emotional impact.

DSD signals inherently contain high-frequency quantization noise, necessitating digital filters to eliminate this noise. Unlike traditional methods that convert DSD to PCM before filtering, the DC-1000 employs the MDSD principle, generating 8 phase-shifted DSD signals and inputting them directly into the 8-channel MDS++ D/A converter. This configuration acts as a moving average filter with linear phase characteristics, effectively removing high-frequency noise without converting DSD to PCM. 

The MDS++ conversion principle revolutionizes D/A conversion by using multiple delta-sigma converters in parallel, drastically enhancing performance. By channeling output through the high-performance ES9038PRO across 8 parallel channels, the DC-1000 achieves a theoretical 2.8-fold improvement in distortion, noise, and linearity. These improvements are consistent across all signal frequencies and levels, minimizing noise even at very low levels, which traditional delta-sigma converters struggle to achieve.


  • MDSD / MDS++ D/A converter: 8 parallel channels using ANCC technology

  • Dual Direct Balanced Filter: Completely separate line and balanced signals

  • Separate Toroidal Transformers: For analog and digital circuits

  • Low Noise Power Supply Circuits: Dedicated circuits for analog and digital sections

  • Sampling Frequency and Quantization Bits Display: Provides detailed output information

  • Output Level Adjustments: Controls different outputs from various players

  • Digital Interface: Compatible with Accuphase Voicing Equalizer

  • Abundant Digital Inputs: USB, HS-LINK, optical (×2), coaxial (×3), and balanced connections

  • Digital Outputs: Suitable for digital recording (optical and coaxial)

  • Analog Outputs: Two options, balanced and line

  • Phase Selector: Inverts the balanced output if needed

  • Active Filter Amplifiers: Utilizes glass cloth fluorocarbon resin substrate for low dielectric constant and minimal loss

  • Premium Construction: Natural grain wood case with a mirror finish, crafted by artisans using carefully selected virgin wood

  • Robust Build: 8 mm thick machined aluminum bottom plate

  • Advanced Insulators: High-carbon cast iron insulators for stability

  • High-Quality Audio Cable: ASL-10B included for superior connectivity