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Accuphase C-2900 Stereo PreAmplifier

Sale price$25,975.00

This system is meticulously designed to elevate the auditory experience, offering unparalleled fidelity and accuracy in sound reproduction. Whether it's the softest whisper or the most dynamic crescendo, the C-2900 faithfully reproduces delicate musical performances with breathtaking clarity and realism. Its ability to preserve the subtle nuances and emotions of the original recording ensures an immersive listening experience that captivates audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.


The Accuphase C-2900 boasts a Balanced AAVA preamplifier renowned for its exceptional sound reproduction. With volume control circuitry perfected over 50 years of Accuphase's dedication, the C-2900's Balanced AAVA system, derived from the original AAVA volume control circuits, significantly enhances sonic performance. Its faithful rendition of delicate musical nuances renders it the ideal preamplifier for passionate audiophiles seeking an immersive listening experience.

Unlike conventional preamplifiers that utilize variable resistors for volume adjustment, the AAVA system in the C-2900 generates multiple signals from the input, effectively controlling volume without introducing noise or distortion. The Balanced AAVA configuration, employing two balanced connection AAVA circuits, reduces noise levels by approximately 20% compared to conventional preamplifiers, ensuring pristine sound reproduction. Furthermore, Accuphase's in-house developed volume sensor, crafted through an aluminum block extrusion process, guarantees smooth and precise volume control, even when operated remotely, creating an undisturbed listening environment.

The C-2900 also features separate unit amplifiers for the left and right channels, housed within 8mm thick hard aluminum frames to minimize electrical interference and vibrations. Additionally, independent power supplies for each channel, equipped with high-quality toroidal transformers and 10,000 μF high-capacity filtering capacitors, ensure ample power delivery for seamless handling of load fluctuations, further enhancing sound quality and stability.


  • Balanced AAVA volume control

  • Logic-controlled relays for signal switching assure high sound quality and long-term reliability

  • Printed circuit boards for signal transmission use glass cloth fluorocarbon resin with low dielectric constant and minimum loss along with gold-plating on copper foil surfaces

  • Power supply circuits with separate toroidal transformers and filtering capacitors (10,000 μF × 4 pcs) for the left and right

  • Newly developed volume sensor construction for a quiet and smooth operation feel

  • Versatile arrangement of inputs and outputs (five line level inputs, two balanced inputs, two line level outputs, and two balanced outputs)

  • Line level input and output connectors for a recorder

  • Line level and balanced EXT PRE inputs for connection of an external preamplifier

  • Individual phase setting for each input

  • Switchable overall gain (12 dB / 18 dB / 24 dB)

  • Left / right balance control through Balanced AAVA

  • Stereo signal can be switched to monophonic operation

  • Volume attenuator to instantly reduce sound to as low as –20 dB

  • Loudness compensator for correcting the perceived spectral balance

  • Informative and easy to read input and volume level display with on / off switching

  • Discretely configured, high-quality headphone amplifier with parallel push/pull output stages

  • Subsonic filter that cuts off ultra-low frequency noise from record warping

  • Natural grain wood case with a mirror finish crafted by artisans using carefully selected virgin wood

  • High-carbon cast iron insulator feet with superior damping characteristics

  • Adding the AD-2900 to the C-2900 allows you to play analog discs.

  • Front panel switching function for using a phono equalizer expansion unit
    • MC/MM switching
    • MC load impedance switching (10 / 30 / 100 / 200 / 300 ohms)
    • Gain switching (MM: 34 / 40 dB, MC: 64 / 70 dB)