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Vinnie Rossi: Timeless Design and Flawless Sound

"Vinnie Rossi is driven by a passion for designing audio components that bring music enthusiasts unmatched sonic realism, long-term listening satisfaction, and pride of ownership. We create timeless designs that transcend the ordinary with industry-leading innovation and exceptional quality."

Vinnie Rossi has already had an incredibly successful history of audio components, all of which culminates in his BRAMA Series. Working closely with industrial designer Olivier Raymond, Mr.Rossi has created an absolutely stunning series of audio components that looks and sounds just like you would expect from a man with his pedigree. 

"In Italian, BRAMA also stands for longing. In many ways, this is how I personally feel about this product. Our mission was to create a piece of enduring beauty that would pass the test of time. Much more than just another high-end audio component, it is most of all, the result of a collaborative effort between passionate dreamers."

That passion is fundamental to producing the quality products that defines the Vinnie Rossi brand. From separates to integrated amps and everything in between, you'll be hard pressed to find a combination that disappoints.

Vinnie Rossi at AXPONA 2023

"So what’s the verdict on Vinnie Rossi and Rockport? It’s been a couple of years since I first heard this gorgeous amplifier with Qln, so I can’t quite pick a favorite, but I think it’s becoming obvious that the Brama integrated amplifier can bring any pair of loudspeakers up to the next level". -- Part Time Audiophile

"The Vinnie Rossi BRAMA Integrated Amplifier ($38,995), a true beauty in form and function according to my tastes, made its debut at last year’s Axpona and I was thrilled, thrilled!, to spend time together again, this time with the stunning Rockport Atria II Loudspeakers ($38,000/pair), an MSB Premier DAC ($27,500), and Innuos Statement Server (starts at $16,700 ). I took a trip to Goodwin’s High End back in 2021, the purpose of my 2-day visit being to spend time with Rockport speakers, and I was mightily impressed then and now—this simple system sounded like a match made in HiFi Heaven". -- Twittering Machines