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Shunyata Research Everest 8000 Power Conditioner

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The Everest 8000 combines patented innovations from Shunyata Research’s critically acclaimed Hydra Triton and Hydra Typhon designs with transformative technologies developed from its heralded medical division products. From a stunning form-follows-function tower design, to its inside-out engineering, the Everest represents the pinnacle within Shunyata Research’s line of power conditioners.




The Everest.

Over the past 25 years, Shunyata Research has earned a reputation for producing the finest power distribution systems in the high-end audiophile market. From providing clean power for James Guthrie’s re-master of Dark Side of the Moon, or resolving subtle heart signals in medical imaging systems, Shunyata Research products have consistently provided transformational results. With the legacy of award winning products, Shunyata Research designer Caelin Gabriel set about combining 25 years of experience and scientific innovation, into a single product, incorporating everything he’s learned about power-system design.

Designer, Caelin Gabriel considers the Everest to be the crowning achievement in a career devoted to advancing the state-of-the-art in electrical power delivery systems for military, medical, audio, video and mastering applications.




The QR/BB™ module possesses the ability to act as an electric charge reservoir, meaning it stores and releases energy in a manner that improves a component’s access to instantaneous current.

Dynamics are actually improved reducing any sense of dynamic strain often heard from amplifiers that are connected with lesser power cables.

The sonic result is a lifelike presentation of timing and dynamic contrasts in sound that cannot be replicated by ANY other means. In layman’s terms, it acts like a super-charger for amplifiers, pre-amps, DACs and CD players.


Traditional power conditioners are designed to block incoming noise from outside the home, but do not address the noise that is generated by the electronic components themselves. In fact, most conditioners reflect noise back into other components connected to the power conditioner. CCI™ (Component-to-Component Isolation) is one of the most significant but often overlooked aspects to power system performance. The CCI™ filter consists of a proprietary multi-stage filter that reduces electrical noise and interference generated by a component’s power supply.


DTCD™ Analysis is a technique that measures instantaneous current through low impedance electrical conductors and contacts. Shunyata Research uses it to optimize the design, specification and construction of parts and materials to ensure maximum current delivery performance. Each part, conductor, noise circuit and material allows for maximum throughput of instantaneous current.

Listeners will experience earth-shaking low-frequency performance from even the highest-current amplifiers as well as dynamic contrasts unheard of outside of a live event. More than any other design parameter, Shunyata Research’s skill in eliminating resistance and maximizing peak-current delivery is unmatched.


The NIC™ (Noise Isolation Chamber) is a patented technology that reduces high frequency power line noise.

NICs™ use a non-reactive ferroelectric substance that actually absorbs high frequency noise. This reduces noise without any of the negatives associated with power filter coils, capacitors and transformers.

GP-NR Noise Reduction

Significant amounts of noise exist on the ground plane of power lines. The ground wires can act as antennae, picking up electrical noise that can degrade the performance or operation of the electronic components. Ground Plane Noise Reduction (GP-NR™) is a proprietary technology developed by Shunyata Research to significantly reduce ground-plane noise; improving low-level resolution and clarity. The system includes one to four terminals, depending on the model, to connect as many as 12 audio components. We offer several models of CGC chassis grounding cables each made to your custom length and termination requirements.


Maximum Voltage:

90-125 VAC r.m.s. unregulated (US)

220-240 VAC r.m.s. unregulated (UK, EU, AS, AU)

Input Current Ratings:

Maximum Continuous Current: 30A (US, AS)

Maximum Continuous Current: 16A (UK, EU, AU)

Output Current Ratings:

Max Current/Outlet: 20A (US, AS)

Max Current/Socket: 16A (EU, AU)

Transient Suppression:

Maximum Transient Protection: 40,000 A @ 8/50 μs

Over-Current Protection:

Hydraulic Electromagnetic Breaker

Wiring System:

8 gauge ArNi® VTX™ Buss System

10 gauge ArNi® VTX™ Wiring

Ratings: 600 V 105° C

Noise Suppression:

Input to Output (100 kHz – 30 MHz): > 50 dB reduction

Zone to Zone (100 kHz – 30 MHz): > 60 dB reduction

Outlets & Connectors:

Zones of Isolation: 6 Zones

Inlet: IEC C19R

US Outlets: 8 NEMA5-20R

AS Outlets: 8 NEMA 5-20R

UK Outlets: BS-1363 (3 pin)

EU Sockets: 8 CEE 7/3

AU Sockets: 8 AS/NZS 31123

Vibration Control:

Vibration dampening panels (internal)

AC outlet dampening gaskets

Shunyata Isolation SSF-50 Footer


Aluminum and steel chassis

Anodized, aluminum faceplate


Length: 127 mm

Diameter: 38 mm


Width: 8.0 inches (20.32 cm)

Depth: 14.75 inches (37.47 cm)

Height: 20.75 inches (52.71 cm)

Weight: 34 lbs (16 kg)