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Antipodes K41

Sale price$10,000.00
Discover the unbeatable value of the Antipodes Kala 41, a standout in the Antipodes lineup known for its blend of cutting-edge technology and premium craftsmanship at a competitive price. By adding the Antipodes K22 or K21, users can seamlessly elevate the Kala 41 to a K50 level, unlocking enhanced performance and features. This upgrade option provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability, making the Antipodes Kala 41 an ideal choice for audiophiles seeking exceptional value and performance in their audio systems.


The KALA 41

The KALA 41 provides exceptional quality network streaming and direct streaming for direct connection to your DAC, or to a K21 or K22.

Conventional wisdom often underestimates how critical it is to have a server device that is specifically designed for high-end audio. The server has to turn a stored file, or a chaotic network stream, into a well-timed digital audio stream, requiring large power and memory reserves at the same time as very low noise interference.

The role it performs cannot be done by a standard computer or by your DAC without serious loss of fidelity and musical insight.

The KALA 41 is a critical digital audio source that adds layers of musical insight for any downstream player or streamer.

The KALA 41 is a powerful Server-Only device, performing at the same level as the Server engine in the KALA 50.

The Server engine is the heart of any computer audio system, managing your files and streaming services, and controlling what is played. Play over your network to multiple end-points, and to the DAC in your main system (or to a KALA 21 or KALA 22) by Direct Ethernet.

Connect your KALA 41 to your network and connect your DAC directly to the KALA 41 using Direct Ethernet Streaming. This not only connects your DAC to your network but the direct link from the KALA 41 to your DAC provides the ultimate asynchronous connection for your music.

As with all KALAs, the KALA 41 is designed to be upgradable when we release new KALA models.

But you can also upgrade your KALA 41 to KALA 50 performance on all outputs by adding a KALA 22. Or achieve the KALA 50's USB Output performance by adding the lower-priced KALA 21 instead.

Moving the Player role outside of any DAC, performing it in a separate KALA 22 or KALA 21, will provide a very significant lift in performance.



G4 Technology


110-120VAC or


445mm (W)
370mm (D)
115mm (H)


Gigabit Ethernet


Up to 3 SATA SSD
User Installable


Gigabit Ethernet


3 Years

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