Parasound JC3+


We have spent a lot of time listening to phono preamps in the $3,000 and less price range over the years and the JC3 and now the JC3+ is really one of the first products, maybe the only product in this price range that can really allow you to get the most of our your vinyl rig and your cartridge. People ask us “If I get a turntable, is it going to sound better than digital?” The answer is always, “that depends”. It depends on how good your digital playback system is and how good your vinyl playback system is.

In general, the Parasound JC3+ is good enough to get you into the level of vinyl playback that can beat many expensive digital systems. Of course you need to have a decent table and cartridge as well, but the JC3+ is one product that will get you there. It is incredibly musical, has drive and bass, provides a huge soundstage and the mids are outstanding as well. You may never need to replace it.

“Simply Overflowing With Positives”

The JC 3+ won a Golden Ear Award Winner for 2014 from The Absolute Sound magazine. According to Neil Gader, “For those who are prone to swapping exotic cartridges and seeking the last work in resolution, the new ‘+’ is simply overflowing with positives.”

“If you go from one of the modest priced phono preamps surveyed last year to the JC3+, you’ll have no trouble hearing the sonic improvement. And as you upgrade cartridge and turntable the JC3+ will comfortably go along for the ride,” notes Michael Fremer in his review for April 17, 2014.

Designed by John Curl - creator of the legendary Vendetta Research phono preamp

•Inputs and outputs use Vampire brand 24k gold-plated RCA jacks

•Balanced outputs use Neutrik brand premium XLR jacks

•MM 47k ohm, MC 47k ohm or MC variable 50-550 Ohms

•RIAA accurate within 0.2 dB

•Exclusively Vishay-Dale resistors in the audio path

•Triple shielding; low-carbon mild steel partitions isolate the power supplies & AC wires

•Dual mono design; each audio channel is separately enclosed in its own extruded aluminum enclosure

•Separate high speed-soft recovery rectifiers, filter caps and voltage regulators for each channel

•Mono switch can improve sound of mono and older LPs

•Built-in AC line conditioner to prevent AC noise from polluting the circuits

•AC polarity reverse switch can reduce hum in many systems

•Non-magnetic aluminum rear panel for purest sound

•Turn On Options switch: manual or auto with 12v trigger input

•Premium detachable heavy gauge IEC AC cord

•2u Chassis, rack mountable with HRA2 (sold separately)

How the JC 3+ improves on the original JC 3:

• Variable MC load adjust independent for each channel from 50-550 ohms with dual gang potentiometers specially made for Parasound by Vishay.

• Curl-Thompson tweaked circuits to further reduce the JC 3 silent background noise.

• 24k gold plated copper traces on phono module boards for utmost conductivity and most transparency/detail in the music.

• 47% larger low ESD power supply filter caps greater reserve for head-snapping dynamics.

• Ability to turn off illumination of the front panel P logo.

• Now Available in Silver or Black.

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 0.2 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion

< 0.01% at 1 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio, MM

> 87 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted

> 78 dB, input shorted, unweighted

Signal to Noise Ratio, MC

> 87 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted

> 67 dB, input shorted, unweighted

Interchannel Crosstalk

72 dB at 1 kHz

Input Impedance

MM: 47k Ω

MC: 50 - 550 Ω variable, 47k Ω fixed

Output Impedance

Unbalanced: < 100 Ω

Balanced: < 100 Ω per leg

Input Capacitance

150 pF

Input Sensitivity at 1 kHz

MM: 4mV for 1 V output

MC: 600µV for 1 V output

Total Gain

MM: 48 dB

MC: 64 dB

XLR Pin Identification

1 = Ground (Shield)

2 = Positive

3 = Negative (Return)

AC Power Requirement

Standby: 1 watt

Power On: 12 watts

115 or 230 VAC 50 - 60 Hz

(Selected on Chassis Bottom)


Width: 17-1/4" (437mm)

Depth: 13-3/4" (350mm)

Height, with feet: 4-1/8" (105mm)

Height, without feet: 3-1/2" (89mm)


Net: 19 lbs. (8.6 Kg)

Shipping: 26 lbs. (11.8 Kg)

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