Parasound JC2 BP Preamp


Parasound has a long tradition of designing top of the line components that sell at an affordable price. The JC2 is no exception. Designed by the world famous John Curl, this preamplifier is one of the quietest preamplifiers ever built, using top quality components throughout. The JC2 was Absolute Sound’s product of the year in 2009 and in 2012 it was given an Editor’s Choice award.

Listening to music through this superb component gives the feel of being there; dynamic with definition and detail. Each instrument is clearly separated and quality recordings have incredible depth.

JC 2 - The Quietest Preamplifier Ever Built

The Absolute Sound magazine rated the Halo JC2 as the "Best Solid-State Preamp" in the Winter 08 / Spring 09 issue. "The new JC-2 lives up to its legendary forebear, offering outstanding neutrality, very low noise, high resolution of inner detail, excellent timbre and texture, excellent large-scale and small-scale dynamics, and a surprisingly large taste of the air and bloom that only tube preamps used to own."

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